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“Toughest Hat in the Whole Stadium”


Here we’ve got one Nathan Hemingway and his big sister Sarah! Damn, that DDC “Carhartt/Khaki Mesh” action cap on Nathan is looking GOOD! This photo was taken in, “The upper east stand at Elland Road. At Leeds United Stadium. In West Yorkshire, England.” Now, I can’t say I’ve been to that stadium, but I do know how apeshit those fans are. So Nathan, was this shot taken BEFORE or AFTER you took on a whole row of the opposing team’s wild-eyed hooligans? I just hope the hat held up in the melee. Thanks for sending in!

“Some Michigan In The Rockies”


Dan Goldsmith, everyone! Pride of Petoskey, Michigan. Master machinist. Owner of a a bunch of dachshunds. Collector of vintage gas pumps. Family man. Longstanding friend the Draplin family. Routine pitstop of my dad on his Northern Michigan route. It’s a long list for this guy. I know this much, I’ve known Dan since I was a little whippersnapper, and he’s always been such a nice guy, who is always genuinely interested in what I do. Plus, he puts up with my dad, and we all know how that one goes. Dan’s in one of our “Michigan Torso Covers,” and sure, it might look like a nice day at Steamboat, but know this: That shirt is that “extra layer” between life and death…warmth and frostbite. We’re just glad Dan is properly outfitted for those harsh conditions. Dan Goldsmith, forever!

“Remember This Guy’s Name”


We watch a lot of movies. And we’re always wondering about the names of the directors. And when we see something cool, and haven’t heard of the person who made it, we always think: I’m gonna remember that name, cuz this guy’s going places. Sinuhe Xavier is one of those names. I met him through my old Nixon buddy Will Redd. Like a decade ago! And any buddy of Will Redd is a buddy of the DDC! Right? Right. So all these later we’ve been on the horn jawing about this and that, and finally caught up with each other in Austin. A nice guy, with monster talent. A lethal combination. Commercials, movies, photogrpahy, projects, etc. All rad shit. Remember his name. You’ll be seeing it soon enough. Oh yeah, Sinuhe was lucky enough to get one of our DDC “Black Death” Action Caps. They are all gone now, and that’s really sad to have to type that. Damn.

“World Champion Walleye Wrangler”


First off, we should apologize for the crop of this shot. That is one big fish, and our half-ass croppery doesn’t do that beast justice. Here we’ve got one Peter Petrulo, sportsman, bad-ass and friend of the DDC, moments after wrestling this beast out of that lake behind him. Somewhere back in the Midwest? Maybe so. One thing’s for certain: That DDC “Gray Day” Action Cap looks pretty good out there in the wild. Fish, lake or softball field, our hats handle it all. Peter’s just another success story in a long line of questionable characters representing questionable merchandise. Feel good about it. We do.

“Long Dogs Well-Represented In Canada, Eh!”


A couple years ago Andrew Passas came down from Vancouver to interview me for a class. He called, requested an hour, we wholeheartedly agreed and set a time. A pretty routine transaction for us. So Andrew comes in, we do a good 45 minutes and I say, “Back to Vancouver, right?” And he says, “Yeah, it only took me six hours to get down here this morning.” And then we say, “Wait, Vancouver, B.C.?” And he doesn’t say much, and just nods with a big smile. The kid came all the way down from Canada to interview our ugly mug! I thought he was just coming down from The Couv! Just north of us. 10 minutes. Wow. I remember being blown away and just sorta freaked out. That’s a long, long drive, so that DDC “Longbreed Gary” torso cover makes perfect sense for this one. Thanks for coming down, man. That was awesome.

“One Good Looking Wall”


This full color view was sent in by Jason Thompson of Out To Sea Design, who hails from Asbury Park, New Jersey. You might’ve heard of a fellow luminary of his by the name of Bruce Springsteen? If not, look him up. Good jams. Anyhoo, that’s basically “the best lookin’ hat wall we’ve seen in a long, long time” and we wanted to get it up on the site. No shot of Jason, and maybe that’s the way he likes it? By day he designs up the better sections of the TriCityNews, and by night, he kicks the shit out of New Jersey, junkin’, hoardin’ and collecting cool shit. Like hats. Man, check out that wall. Serious stuff. We’re proud to have a DDC “Gray Day” Action Cap in there. Good company!

“Ferociously Representing Chicago”


Every now and again Don Guss will send us a link or photo from his exploits in the Windy City that will astound and amaze. I remember sending him some DDC merch a long time ago and commenting, “Man, that’s one great name.” I’m sure he agrees. Say it with us one more time: “Don Guss.” That one just rolls off the tongue. Sounds like the kind of guy who’d back you up when times were tough. A wildcard thought along these lines: When the chips are down, bring in Don Guss. That has a good sound to it, too. Anyway, get a download of the beardy bastard above, filling out that DDC “Orange 6-Panel Foam” Action Cap all the way and lookin’ at you with eyes that could kill. Well done, Guss. Proud to have you on board!

Guss Notes:

01. Lover of French bulldogs. Rescued two of them.
02. From Appalachia, by way of Pittsburgh, and now in Chicagoland.
03. Design the Altoids Smalls packaging. A large feat! Love those things.
04. Avid walleye fisherman. Got the numbers to back it up, too. Ask him.

And, as a little bonus, check out Guss and his buddy Adam representin’ the DDC in Wisconsin! For the Unions! For Wisconsin! For America!

“Hard To Miss, In Austin”


A couple autumns ago I was lucky enough to speak at the Minnesota Design Camp up in Brainerd. A fun weekend. So I meet a couple gentleman from New York City that weekend, from a lethal shop called Hush that does incredible things. We hit it off and become fast friends, sharing stories and laffs. I miss that weekend. Well, it looks like David and Erik are up to their old tricks, this time, making buddies with Nick Parish from Contagious Magazine. They spotted him in a DDC “Big Mean Words” Black Death Torso Cover, in a crowd of painfully interesting SXSW-goers. And how about that? A DDC shirt connecting these guys? Off all the connections, this is how it goes down? You bet yer ass it did. Like glue! We gigantically approve, and look forward to our next visit with all mentioned in this missive. Great people, all glued together for the ages!

“Straight Outta Gresham”


I’m here to tell you, I’ve trusted Brian “Gonzo” Gonzales with my life for three summers running. We make the website together for the Union Binding Company. I comp up the look and feel and stumble through a half-ass “what goes where” handoff to the guy, and he makes the thing come to life. It’s pretty amazing, actually. We’d like to thank him for saving our butts each time around, digitally speaking. We’d be fucked without you, man. Giving Gresham, Oregon a good name: Gonzo, you crazy fucker! See you in a couple months, punk. Be ready. Got some big multimedia ideas to discuss with you!

“Flounder Fingers”


Here we’ve got Jess “River Runs Through His Pants” Gibson and some big flounder. Just what the fuck am I supposed to say about this guy? He ruined my life with that video, multiple times, and every now and again he’ll corner me outside my shop pointing that big Irish middle finger of his into my chest saying “When we gonna finish the movie, Draplin?” Poking and prodding. I’m sure he’ll land a hook into me soon enough, and we’ll wrap up the footage once and for all. Then I’ll really be ruined. Thanks, fucker. No product pitch in here, just cuz we’re smelling a little too much “fish gills” in this one. Gross.

“Popping The Big Question With Orange Feet”


If this isn’t the best shot of the whole DDC Merch Gallery! Here we’ve got St. Louis’ very own Rich Vagen in Paris, just moments after popping the big question to his dashing ladyfriend. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof, from the man himself: “I turned my girlfriend into my fiancé while wearing your socks in Paris. Representin’ that true click.” Love is in the air, people! Congrats to Rich and his lucky lady. We wish 100 years of happiness to you lovebirds! Those socks’ll last just that long. Hell yeah! Anyone got a kleenex? I’m crying like a baby, with tears of happiness for these two.

“Strong Scottish Spirits”

We’ll ship our shit anywhere! Seriously. To all ends of the earth. Here’s proof, with Johnny Horn and his little man Freddie kicking ass up and down some stretch of Scottish coastline! This one means a lot to me to. I need ample representation in Scotland. I too, have Scottish blood pumping in these veins! By the looks of this shot, we’re covered with a couple of land’s finest citizens, both strong in health and in spirit. A good mix. Thank you to the Horn clan for believing in our DDC Action Caps! I smell some serious Braveheart on these guys. Without a doubt.

“Roaming The Rockies”


This gang of hooligans run the means streets of Petoskey, Michigan, but only for the holidaze season. The place of their beginnings. Otherwise, they are holed up in a western state called “Colorado,” Mile-high and fortified with mountain strength. The Goldsmith brothers! Learn that name people. Check them out “layering up” in brand new DDC “Michigan Torso Covers.” These threads will be a reminder of where they’re from while roaming the Rockies. Good lookin’ bunch. Blood is thicker than water, and Dan and Ruth have a lot to be proud of with their offspring. Thanks for believing in the DDC! And shit, how about that mess of dachshunds! Whole lot of “brindle” going on with those champions!

“Can Hang With A Dap-King”

Well, well, well. Check out Northern Ohio’s very own Joseph Hughes hanging out backstage with none other than Sharon Jones of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. I know what it’s like to to be amongst greatness. You get weak in the knees, and you feel a little wobbly, you know? By the looks of Joseph, he might be a little wobbly in the chest, but goddammit if that DDC “North Lock Torso Cover” isn’t holding him up! Just the amount of strength one needs in a moment like this. On second thought, maybe they are working out dance moves? Whatever the case, we thank Joseph Hughes and the entire Northcoast Zeitgeist enterprise for believing in the DDC. And keep it beautiful, Ms. Jones! You still got it, mama!

“Grow Into It, Little Man”

That’s little Finn McGrath of New Mexico, holding it down in a DDC “Carhartt” Action Cap. He’s got a way to go to filling up that hat with skull, but hell, we like starting them young. Look how cute that little whippersnapper is. Kinda gives you hope, you know? Stay strong, little Finn!

“Alaska Ain’t Shit”

That’s Pro Snowboarder Josh Dirksen—pride of Bend, Oregon—somewhere in the Alaska Backcountry. And all we’ve really got to do with this shot, is one specifically-placed DDC Embroidered Patch, which, was requested due to a whole in his jacket. So, in essence, we saved him from imminent hypothermia, frostbite and ultimately, an excruciating frozen death at the hands of Old Man Winter. And other things. For Christ’s sake, Josh…be careful out and up there!

“On The Big Stage”

That’s Jamie Muehlhausen up there, slogging out the tunes in a DDC “Black Death” Action Cap. Here’s a guy who I’ve known about for years and years, and, have never been able to shake hands with. He was the art director at Snowboarder Magazine, moved on to new things, whick opened the slot for little ‘ol me. My first real gig. He runs a kick-ass site called Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers. Good, clean, white-haired fun. Anyhoo, the guy on the accordian is none other than Matt Hensley of H-Street fame. If you don’t know who he is, well, you don’t know. Look it up. So good.

“From The Land Down Under”

All smiles down under! Australia’s Jonathan Dunbier had a big night out awhile back with his lady friend, and, Portland’s Blitzen Trapper. Judging by the blurryness of the shot, it was one of those deals where everyone is excited to meet the band and “focusing” goes out the window. Understood. I know how that one goes. The beardy guy is Brian Adrian Koch, and he plays drums for them. I really dig that band. Local folks! Thank you, Dunbier. We sure do appreciate you running our DDC “Death Black” Action Cap all the way on the other side of the globe. In fact, we’re officially making you the “DDC Australian Ambassador of Awesome.” Right fucking now. There you go. Just like that! Serious credentials. Wear ‘em well!

“Thousand Yard Stare of Complete Badassness”

Vernal, Utah’s Joey Sheffer, everyone! Just ready to slay whatever comes into his viewing range! Just look at those eyes. If humanity as we know it came down to some sort of cage match battle across our great land, it would set my my mind at ease knowing he’d be on the side of the DDC. I wouldn’t want to be staring this guy down in some battle for my neck. Keep the focus, Sheffer! And do it with a DDC “Carhartt” Action Cap on that head! Hell yes.

“Leave The Little Ones Out Of This”


We like little kids, for the most part. Mostly, when they aren’t crying or trying to set yer bed on fire while we you catch a little shut-eye. Here’s little Dylan Wilkinson of Denton, Texas, just a cute as a little bug. The kind of bug that doesn’t bite, eat wood or leave behind an odd scent. Get ‘em started young! This is pretty young. Man, that little guy is cute. Painfully. It’s a weapon, really. Don’t let these little shits soften you up too much. Oh yeah, that little nugget is a wearing a DDC “Black Death” Action Cap and judging by the smile on his face, he seems to be pretty okay with the fit, styling and overall durability. Issue toddlers are concerned with.

“Jesus Christ Pose, With A Couple Big Flounders”

We’ll let Toronto’s Kyle McDonald do the talking on this one: “I took a Salmon fishing trip in Northern British Columbia, with my Brother, Dad, and Gramps, in late August this year. Late nights turned into early mornings on the Inlet gutting bait, pulling lines, and fighting the great Salmon. Fighting the fish proved to be a great challenge but as you can see well worth the fight. The picture attached is titled “Jesus Fish” and i think everyone should replace the current sticker on their car with this version.” Sounds like a good idea to us, too. Thanks for reppin’ that DDC “Black Death” Action Cap in BC, man. That’s the most beautiful province in Canada, hands down!

“No Need For The Fence…”

Tear down those fences! Let the tigers roam free! Don’t be afaid, Puck. Trust that cat…and trust that hat. If anything, that big sonofabitch will take a swipe at yer head, and we know that hat will protect that melon. Six panels of seriously bad-ass American-Made foam. Not to be messed with—by humans or tigers. Tiger-Proof™: The DDC “Orange” 6-Panel Foam Action Cap. Speaking of protective foam covers: Nice coozie on that tallboy, man!

“Colorado Rocky Mountain High”

That’s Colorado’s Ryan Jones to the right there, looking a little perturbed. Judging by the look on Ryan’s face, he’s thinking something along the lines of: “Why aren’t you guys wearing a DDC shirt too?” I mean, come on. Perfect candidates. Hey Ryan, here’s our message to soothe you: Yer buddies will come around. They can “get right” by clicking this link right here: DDC “North Lock Torso Cover”. It’s that simple. Thanks for believing in us, Jones!

“These Hats Make You Happy As Hell”

©2009 Daniel Blom photos.

Chris Owen is one happy motherfucker. Always has been. We go way back, all the way our wild days in Bend, Oregon. If was making hats back then, he would wore one then. And he would’ve been laughing the whole time. He’s just a happy guy. Here he is in a classic DDC “Carhartt” Action Cap. There’s nothing funny about how bad-ass those hats are, though. Just clarifying. Thanks, Owen. Always.

“A River Runs Through That Mesh”

Southeastern Oregon ain’t no match for Boise, Idaho’s Aaron Grable. Or his hat. Here he on the Owyhee River landing a good-lookin’ brown trout. His DDC “Gray Day” Action Cap not only kept the sun out of his eyes, but it allowed him to focus to the point of water-borne transcendence…getting right into the mind of that fish. We’ve got no scientific proof to back up this claim, but hey, add it up:

“Bad-ass Grable”
“DDC Action Cap”
“Defeated Brown Trout”
= “Proof these hats are on yer side.”

Some math for you. Thanks, Boise!

“Empire State Strength”

No one’s gonna put a fast one over on Cavan Town, Ireland’s Greg Meehan. Here he is, high atop “the top of the Rock” in New York City. That’s Rockefeller Center, people. Get with it. Greg’s with it enough to enjoy New York City in a DDC “Big Mean Words” Shop Manual Green Torso Cover. We’re pretty down with that. I mean, come on, New York is a big goddamn place, and there’s a million other t-shirt options around that city for a fine Irish lad like Greg. And he chose our shirt. Warms the heart, it does. Greg’s currently living it up in Boston. You know how the place has a bad name with all those meatheads and their so-called Irish pride there? Well, I’m gonna bet this real deal shamrock has a good laugh over those Boston pussies. Rampant speculation from a guy who’s 25% Irish.

“Straight Out Of Colico”


You know when I talk about Marty from Italy coming over to work in Portland, right? You know, on countless Union projects? Well, it’s a long way for the guy to come, and it’s important to remember and respect the fact that each and every time he leaves, his little daughter Guilietta misses the hell out of him. So I’m betting the shot above was taken “mere moments after his triumphant return to his homeland” with files in hand, tales of epic graphic battles and the spoils of said adventures. See that shirt? That’s the equivalent of “plucking a helmet off a dead Hun” or something. The DDC “Big Mean Words” Shop Manual Green Torso Cover…they even do the job in Italy! My Italian brother. He even looks like me. You can see it in the ears.

“Representin’ in Machu Picchu!”


The DDC goes global! All the way down to Peru! Here’s a couple bad-ass Hosieth’s representin’ the DDC in the “Lost City of the Incas.” Like any good Upper Midwesterner, these guys are bringing the Minnesota to Peru. Just the way it should be. Dad’s in a DDC “North Lock Torso Cover” while his first born protects his noggin with a DDC “Death Black” Action Cap. Father and son: Blood is thicker than water. My dad taught me everything I know, which ain’t much. But that’s another story. Long live the Hosieth clan!

“Alive And Well In Oklahoma.”


I’ve got two friends from or in Oklahoma. The first is Wayne Coyne of the goddamn Flaming Lips. You better have heard of him. Second, is Darin Bendall, currently of Japan. Well, this guy right here is the third addition to the list. Jason Coates, people. He’s out of Tulsa, and along with the lil’ Drifter (his youngling “Phil”) he’s keeping shit on lock down in the “balls and dick” state. Jason, welcome aboard. That DDC “Death Black” Action Cap will last you a lifetime, so get ready for the long haul.

“Flipping You The Bird.”


Good lord. Bob Smith, everyone. A graphic designer from Portland, Ore., just a brisk walk from the DDC Factory Floor. From the looks of this one, Bob is in his basement, working away. We’re gonna bet on “cool stuff.” Just a hunch. And Bob, well, he’s giving us a look we know all too well. The look that makes whoever just cut you off on the freeway think a little harder about their driving skills. That one. You know it. Bob, thank you for keeping the world on the right track in yer DDC Classic Torso Cover. And, you for the record, you own the road. Rip ‘em a new one.

“West, East and All Things in Between.”


Steve St. Pierre is a proud Canadian. Right up there with Big Al of Winnipeg. A musician, lover of ale and knows a good shirt when he sees one. What you see here is Steve giving you the “ready for anything” pose in his new DDC Classic Torso Cover. He’s currently holding it down in Vancouver, but will heading back to Toronto soon enough. West or East, these shirts keep you going when things get tough. Steve, we’ve got yer back. Stay strong and stay free! Good luck in Toronto with the tunes. We look forward to hearing good stuff outta you.

“Means Streets of Winnipeg.”

Now we’re talking. Readers, we bring you the one and only Allan Lorde of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This guy’s got a list that we just gotta share with you, so you know who you are messing with. He’s an adsetter for a publications company. He’s a college graduate. He makes rock posters. He’s one hell of an illustrator. And, he loves his women big and beautiful. Here he is braving a cold Winnipeg night in his new DDC “Death Black” Action Cap. Big Al, we’re glad to have you on board. Keep up the good work, and keep it extra large!

“Nice Head.”

Check out this piece of work. Freddy is one of my dad’s buddies. They have coffee every morning together. The last time I was home, here’s what Freddy had to say, “I’m 71-years-old. I earned the right to not take any shit from anyone.” We agree. And here he is in his DDC “Anvil Strength Torso Cover”, cracking a little smile, taking a momentary break from “not taking shit from anyone, ever.” God, look at the head on that guy. Oh, he used to race snowmobiles back in the day, which is pretty fucking cool if you ask us.

“He shoots…He scorrrrres!”

Things get cold in the Upper Midwest. That’s just how it goes. And in that cold, the people play hockey. Here’s Ryan “Dead Puck” Seaman. Maybe he’s celebrating a goal from a moment before, or warming up, or, just plain letting it all hang out. Hard to say. Whatever the deal, he’s in DDC “Big Mean Words” Black Death Torso Cover, and that layer of cotton not only aids in warmth, but also, let’s all opponent know just who the hell Seaman is representing on the ice: The ideals of the DDC. Sea, air, land or ice, these shirts get the job done.

“Weird Beard.”

You know what Matt Kass represents in my life? He holds the proud title of “The Guy Who Calls Me A Pussy The Most.” No one else even comes close. It’s daily, pretty much. Every single conversation. I just take it. He’ll call me, I pick up, he says, “Pussy” and then just hangs up. It’s past the point of being coherent. But, there’s hope. I mean, thank God or whoever he’s wearing a macho-ass DDC “Big Mean Words” Black Death Torso Cover in his daily pursuits, because frankly, this pussy would just die right on the spot otherwise. Those big, mean words keep him alive. Kasshole, come down to the shop and let’s settle this once and for all.

“Lone Star Light.”

Neel Ryan Tucker is from the Lone Star state. The light in this shot looks like Texas light, right? Sure does. It makes me think of Willlie Nelson and armadillos and Lone Star beer. For some other reason, I think of the Butthole Surfers. But that’s a whole ‘nother story, I’d reckon. What’s important, is that he’s running around that big state in a DDC “Big Mean Words” Shop Manual Green Torso Cover taking amazing photos, staying strong and and staying free. Some pretty serious talent behind that lens, people. No shit. Thank you for yer support, man.

“A Deadpan Stare With Big Life Behind It.”

Propaganda Clay “gets a little rogue on the set” and jumps in front of the lens to get the image above. Sure, he might seem pretty calm, cool and collected in this shot, but you know that underneath that reserved veneer, he’s as wild as a steed with a million ideas banging around in his thinker. The only thing holding him together at that moment was that fuckin’ t-shirt. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but you know, we believe in our threads a whole bunch. The DDC Classic Torso Cover: “One layer of cotton away from completely going apeshit.” Thanks Clay, and keep it wild.

“The Meanest Guy In Rock, My Ass.”

Goddammit. God bless him. Chunklet’s very own Henry Owings. You either love him or you hate him. We’re in the the “Love” camp regarding this Pennsylvanian sugar cookie. Southern-fried for a score with Atlanta as his homebase, Mr. Owings, aside from from setting the record straight on many a band, cooking up some serious Cajun grub and traveling the world, has impeccable taste in hats. Henry just about wore through the first DDC hat he had. Here’s proof. That thing smelled of sweat, night crawlers and Georgia peaches. In that order. It was promptly burned, right after that shot was in the bag. In a recent interview with Henry, some schmuck had this say about him, “Trucker hat that’s not too truckerish? CHECK.” We couldn’t agree more. These are “Action Caps” and man, some serious shit goes down in ‘em. And they, look pretty fuckin’ good in front of a wall of records. Truth hurts.

“A Great Canadian.”

Wow, you learn something every goddamn day. I never thought my “Favorite Canadian” Dano Pendygrasse was a “Man of the Sea.” Now I know better. Dano’s traveled the globe shooting snowboarding’s rippers, and knows British Columbia’s wild-ass backcountry like no other. That’s quite a claim, and like we care. Okay, let’s push off into the big sea for a second, and check out Dano “getting wet and wild” in a Long Breed Gary Torso Cover in Lime Green. Quite a mouthful, and like we care. I like to think of Dano wrangling in some big fuckin’ marlin or flounder or something, with bloody hands and bleeding eyes, you know, in a t-shirt with a dachshund on it. Which, frankly, is something we care about a great deal.

“On The Skins.”

Ladies and Scrubs! Eric Powers on the skins! (Insert crashing drum solo.) Man, I don’t even know where to start on this one. First off, keeping with Nor Cal’s spirit of bare-knuckled badassness, you’ve got Eric Powers laying it down at Thee Parkside. Second, he’s got a DDC “Death Black” Action Cap on, so you know he’s gonna make it through his set without a hitch. Third, let it be known that anyone who fucks with Eric Powers fucks with the entire DDC enterprise. That’s a threat.

“Catch And Release.”

Here’s Norm “Bushwhacker” Nelson, somwhere in the wilds of Washington, landing one hell of a leviathan. Judging by that smile we’re betting this is one of those moments that he won’t be forgetting anytime soon. And check out that hat! There’s nothing fishy about the DDC “Carhartt” Action Cap that’s keeping him alive out there. No fish tales. These hats are the equivalent of some foul-smelling egg sac fish scent slathered on to a wriggling earthworm to, you know, sweeten the pot a little. But then again, I’ll bet Norm was fly fishing when he landed that flounder, so, I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about.

“Just Like His Grandpa Used To Wear.”

Here’s one Travis Yamada of Bend, Oregon, just moments after being outfitted with DDC “Orange” 6-Panel Foam Action Cap. Travis is from Sonora, California and had a Grandfather who farmed his whole life. So we’ll put it this way: Yamada is no stranger to a good quality hat, and he “felt right at home” in this one, just like his early days around the farm. That hat won’t let you down. Our promise.

“A Picture Perfect Likeness.”

We take this illustration as seriously as any so-called “photo” or “collection of neatly-arranged pixels.” That’s what Eric Dyck looks like, and we ain’t gonna argue with it. Get a load of that goddamn beard. Pretty serious. Not to be messed with. Eric’s sporting a mess of DDC gear, and of course, we are going to break it down. First, he’s wearing a DDC “Carhartt” Action Cap and the “tallness” of the thing is just about right, and then, a Long Breed Gary Torso Cover, and finally, he’s eagerly displaying a brand stinkin’ new Adventures In Plastics Northlock Clic Pen. It’s all working together and we’re proud as hell to keep Eric’s head, chest, thumb and forefinger covered and equipped. I mean, shit, just imagine him in this illustration without any of it. Some dangerous speculation, right there.

“From A Basement Somewhere.”

Here’s all you gotta know about this one: Mark Slotemaker is a dad. Mark Slotemaker is a husband. Mark Slotemaker is a designer. Mark Slotemaker is wearing a DDC “Gray Day” Action Cap. Quite a roster. Mark, keep up the good fight…down in the basement on the projects, and upstairs with the family. That hat WILL NOT let you down. Our promise. Really. Keep us posted on developments.

“Shoots At 1/666 A Second.”

Get a load of Embry in action! Lookin’ good, man, lookin’ good. The DDC goes wayyyyyyy back with this guy. I mean, like, to the “Bend, Oregon” level. Elgin Street, to be exact. This Kentucky stallion came on to the scene in my third winter out west, and we became fast friends. Every time I hear the word Kentucky, I think of three things:

01. Being Deflowered
02. Beardy Residents
03. Embry Rucker.

But not necessarily in that order. Weird. Nevertheless, Embry is doing great things with his photography and is raising up a beautiful family down on the beach in Southern California.

“Baja Breath.”

So just take in what this photo has to offer. Aside from the fact that one of the greatest motherfuckers of all time, the one and only Kale Gray, is representing a DDC “Orange” 6-panel foam Action Cap, just get a load of his surroundings, and “how he’s living.” Here he is on the Baja Peninsula to the south, surfing during the morning, laying in a hammock in the afternoon, cooking up supper as the sun sets over the ocean (prob’ly cooking up some big marlin he caught earlier in the day, or making a wicked “sandcrab stew”) and then climbing up into that kick-ass, tsunami-proof, elevated tent thing to recharge for another day of the same. And another. And another.

“Real Pieces Of Work.”

Evan Rose is a man of the world, but we’re to tell you that world extends from the darkest corners of Long Beach, to the highest buildings of downtown Los Angeles, to the flattest stretches of the Inland Empire, to the creepiest Irvines of Irvine. So yeah, he’s really kicking the shit out of Southern California, and we know there’ll be a day that he escapes north or back east. But in the meantime, at least he’s making friends, and even better, everyone seems to be wearing DDC Action Caps down there in that hellhole, so, you know, we’re pretty happy with that.

“We Believe The Children Are Our Future.”

We like to start them young. Here’s little Maya Lanningham of Boise, Idaho, hovering somewhere around the “year 1 mark” learning things like, “walking” and “how to eat big kid food” and “how to protect her little developing fontanelles in a stylish and completely functional American-Made DDC “Death Black” Action Cap.” We too, like you, believe the children are our future. And man, what a future this little nugget has for herself with Jerms and Apes at the helm. Cycle of life, people.

“King Of Suffering.”

Fred Green gets “real trippy” on a body of water somewhere near Vancouver, British Columbia, in a DDC “Carhartt” Action Cap. But what we find interesting is, with all the mind-expanding and stuff going on here, Fred prefers the smaller size of the two sizes we offer. I’m betting by the time he got through the white space above his exploration, he needed to adjust that hat a couple snaps bigger. Maybe. Maybe not. Fred, you love the DDC. Admit it.

“Almost Died Of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever”

I mean, what more can I say about Pat Bridges? I’ve exhausted my list of adjectives over this character. An influential voice for the sport of snowboarding, a proud Vermonter, a traveler of the world, a writer, an editor, a ripper. The list is long, you fuckers. We’re glad to know Pat Bridges. And frankly, it’s does our hearts ‘real good’ to see him doing it in a DDC “Death Black” Action Cap. Goddammit, thank you, Pat.

“Mr. Powers, Again. You Bet.”

Eric Powers keeps shit real in a DDC “Death Black” Action Cap and let’s just break down what’s going on in this shot. Lots of orange. An ear of a deer. The cross of God. We were rackin’ our brains trying to connect all this cryptic shit to Mr. Powers, and after some time, we just gave up and went back to work. However, we do know this much: This fella is a stand-up guy, and we’re glad he’s wearing our shit. Thanks, man. Give ‘em hell and keep up the good fight!

“Fish Tale.”

Okay, just for a second, transport yer mind and spirit back to the wilds of Indiana. Then find a small lake with a couple badasses fishing on it. Make sure those badasses are of the “Coulter Variety.” Now, and here’s the important part: If one of them is wearing a DDC “Death Black” Action Cap make sure you get a snapshot of the moment, cuz, it’s kind of a big deal to us. Thanks.

“Used To Work On A Train With This Guy In Alaska.”

Japan says, “Stop” but Ian Geroux says, “Go, Motherfucker!” in a DDC “Nameplate Torso Cover” T-shirt. Heck yes. International, even. We know Ian from the rails up in Alaska, but, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Arigato, man! Banzai!

“Total-Leigh Smoking.”

Our lady Leigh in a DDC “Factory Floor Issue Action Cap” of the “Carhartt” variety. Too hot too handle. Hubba hubba.

“Four Sheets To The Wind.”

Back in our school daze in Minneapolis we made many a friend. One of the good people we met in class was a hardscrabble kid by the name of Jason Miller. Every now and again when I stop in to shoot the shit with Minneapolis legend Jon Baugh at his Target office that overlooks the city, I’ll drop over to to get a handshake from Jason in his equally extravagant Target office setting. Always good for some inspiring chatter. Mr. Miller not only shines in the design field, but also in the rock field. You need to check out his band The Evening Rig. One of Minneapolis’ shining stars, that band has been on constant rotation on the DDC Factory Floor. But, let’s dim the lights for a minute and talk about the shot Jason sent in. Here he is in Iowa City, and this is what he had to say, “This is what happens when you play The Mill in Iowa City and they pick up your never ending bar tab.” Hammered. Tanked. Blitzed. Shitcanned. Call it as you will. And all the time, friends, in a DDC “Death Black” Action Cap. Goddamn. Raise yer drinks high and toast this kid!

“A Good Start.”

Little Milo gets it done with a DDC “Factory Floor Issue Action Cap.” Starting them off right. Something we do. We believe the children are our future, man. Look at that little man: “Happy as Portland is wet.”

“Great Linework.”

A confident, determined Adam Haynes gets down and dirty in his Central Oregon attic in his long out-of-print “DDC Pertinent Information” T-shirt. Watch out for those Black Widow spiders down there, man. That High Desert shit always had me on my nerves in basements or whatever during my time in Bend.

“Beach Bum-ette.”

A cute-as-a-button Melissa Laine Scotton soaks up some sun on a East Coast beach in a DDC “North Lock Torso Cover.” Atta girl. Perfect eyebrows, man, perfect.

“Second Fastest Dishwasher On That Train Up In Alaska.”

Tyler Fannings gets real sweaty somewhere in Alaska in a “Carhartt category” DDC “Factory Floor Issue Action Cap.” But don’t let the “frontier spirit” that’s attached to the mere mention of that state fool you. He’s a a goddamn city slicker if there ever was one: Environmentally-educated, of good character and pretty lethal when it comes to making a slab of prime rib. A THREAT TO ALL WHO READ THESE WORDS: Anyone fucks with Tyler, and they fuck with the entire DDC enterprise. Seriously.
Oh yeah, and for the record, my pit was cleaner, and faster.

“Just What This Guy Needs.”

Somewhere in Mexico, in some sort of beach bungalow, Brad Sheuffele of Coal Headwear beats the night heat in a nice-fitting DDC “Anvil Strength Torso Cover.” Hell of a last name to spell, and an even harder guy to beat in the good ol’ character department. A champion. A brother.

“We Welcome All Nationalities With Open Arms.”

A freshly-Portlandized Mark Phillips gets pretty Middle Eastern in a DDC “North Lock Torso Cover” in the very-American woods of Northern Michigan. Glad to have you out here with us, man. Heck yes.

“God, This Guy Can Talk.”

High above the glimmering, manic, concrete expanses of urban Los Angeles, Arlie John Carstens takes in a big ol’ breath of cool, crisp mountain air and holds still for the camera. Behind him the sun sets, but by no means is his day over. A creature of the night, Mr. Carstens can fight off the sloppiest of drunks, organize and shred a moving set of rock tunes and isn’t afraid to hike high into the the dark, mysterious peaks of Southern California’s Angeles mountains. All the time, in a “Black Death” DDC “Factory Floor Issue Action Cap,” no less. The Black colorway seems to fit this gore-goth shadow lurker pretty good. Wow. We are proud of you.

“Arlie’s Friend, High Above The City.”

Speaking of Arlie, every single one of Arlie’s lady friends are absolutely stunning. Smart, enchanting, smelling pretty good, worldly and “real easy on the eyes.” All of ‘em. We sense a pattern here with this guy. Here’s “Baby Kelley” in a “Black Death” DDC “Factory Floor Issue Action Cap,” high in the hills somewhere, feeling a bit down, but definately on her way back to the top. It’s about time we had a looker in one of our products, I mean, for Christ’s sake, scroll down to any one of the trolls in this Merch Gallery and mumble, “Gawd, poor guy,” whilst shaking yer head.

“The Other Matt Stiffler Can Bite It.”

An all-weather Matt “Kansas City Bottoms Crawler” Stiffler, high atop a Chugach peak, lost in the Alaskan wilderness, near death, properly layered in a trusted “Death Black” DDC “North Lock Torso Cover.” He owes his survival to this shirt, and this shirt alone. Well, some wit and luck, too, but, mainly the shirt, man. Glad you made it.

“Making Friends.”

Well, well. We find ourselves stumped with this one and at a loss for words. A rare occurrence around here. In the middle you’ve got Chris McCoy, properly outfitted in a DDC “Anvil Strength Torso Cover,” like he should be, shitfaced on some cheap booze or lighter fluid or something, yukkin’ it up with a couple of pigs in combat gear. What is it with these guys and and the hair products? Dicks.

“Can’t Go Wrong With A Guy Named Gary.”

Gary Winberg gets “all tropical and shit” somewhere on an island far away in his DDC “Anvil Strength Torso Cover.” These threads work in all climates, and here’s yer proof, goddammit. Oh yeah, “Coconut milk.” Just thought we’d add that one for the hell of it.

“One Of Chicago’s Finest.”

Cool and collected brother Nazarin Hamid, Chicago, Ill., in the “DDC Foam Trucker” (discontinued) and the DDC “Anvil Strength Torso Cover.”

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fank was representing in China.. member the shot i sent you?

Posted by: styk on 06/13/06 at 9:54 AM


Thank you very much for the merch. Annabella and I have been proudly showcasing the DDC’s love of the arts.



Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 08/02/06 at 12:49 PM

Mike Kirkpatrick. I went to school with that kid in Montana. How’d he get on here?

Posted by: Jer on 08/18/06 at 12:37 PM

Where’s the merch love for the ladies?
No female sizes to proudly plaster amongst our blessed (some of us more than others) torsos?
Help a sister out..or just a cousin.

Posted by: Chrisitne Steele on 08/29/06 at 4:17 AM

yeah, I second that about some duds for the chicks, Aaron.
Your momma raised you better than that, my friend. I won’t even get into it about the need for styly maternity tees…

Posted by: Natalie on 11/04/06 at 11:14 AM

Not sure you saw some of your old buttons in the drawer of goodness, but they’re there…

Posted by: styk on 11/27/06 at 11:38 PM

Will you be making the winding Gary shirt?
If you dont Im gona make one for my self! hahaha

Posted by: Dustin Koop on 06/25/07 at 11:53 PM

Wow. Glad you got my back. Seriously, who sweats through a cap at, like, 45 Fahrenheit? Thanks for postin’ me up underneath that absolutely DARLING friend of yours, and not someone like Fred Green.

Posted by: tyler on 07/20/07 at 4:57 PM

So many awesome torso covers and action caps, but where’s the awesome DDC buttons to pin on them??

-Erik (of Busy Beaver Button Co. fame)

Posted by: erik beaver on 06/03/09 at 7:43 AM

I was in Ketchikan, Alaska last week and saw a guy wearing a mesh DDC hat. I got really excited about it, but didn’t say anything to anyone that I was with.

(Might’ve been the dude from the €œAs Hard As Chinese Arithmetic.€ picture above. Not sure.)

Posted by: Aaron B. on 07/07/09 at 3:47 PM

i’m officially a draplin groupie.
can’t stay away from you…
you know, aaron, i’m wearing your shirt (sweaty even) on my latest blog entry.
hit me up ;~)

p.s. the restraining order’s bullshit

Posted by: matt rohloff on 08/29/09 at 2:10 AM

Nice pictures. Little maya is fabulous with her cap. Well define €œWe Believe The Children Are Our Future.€!

Posted by: Mutuelle on 08/09/10 at 1:26 AM

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