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HEADING TO CHARLESTON TODAY: Hectic morning. So hectic, I managed to pull everything off, except for the part where you grab yer wallet. The cab came, we race out to the airport, no wallet. Great. Fuck. So the guy whips me back to the house, grab the wallet and whip back. The flight is at 1pm and it's 12:25pm as I go running in. Cutting that shit close. Embarrassed about this. I'm fighting hard to pull everything off, and I forget my wallet. All this other shit, and something that dumb. Not good.

But check out that HOW Magazine cover! So weird. It's out there in the world, so I guess I can finally show it. Can't wait to see them up close!

June 14, 2015
Summer Sunday In The Shop
Posted at 11:59 PM


A LONG SUNDAY IN THE SHOP: In early, out late. Left well past midnight. Damn.

June 13, 2015
Back From Bellingham...
Posted at 04:53 PM


HAD A GREAT DAMN TIME: Got to tell stories, sell merch, make friends, go junking, chow down, make t-shirt graphics and meet a ton of great people. Thank you, Bellingham!

June 12, 2015
Bellingham Day!!!
Posted at 08:23 AM


HEADING UP TO BELLINGHAM: Gonna go tell my story to all those kids! Been waiting for this for awhile. A pretty place. Been 20 years since I was in that town, on our way to Mt. Baker.


THIS PLACE IS SURREAL: It's wild going to Facebook. So surreal. Heading there now, and ready to have my gourd blown.

June 10, 2015
Down To San Francisco
Posted at 08:12 AM


HEADING DOWN TO THE BAY AREA: We've got official business at Facebook tomorrow. Fun stuff. Gonna be grilling Josh Higgins, and he'll be grilling me. Pretty serious shit.


COOL BOLTS: My little sister is moving a couple houses over. And on her garage is a lock. And on that lock, she saw these little "AJD" bolts. Cool bolts, little sister. Bring the kid to the shop, already.

June 08, 2015
Up To Starbucks For The Day
Posted at 08:14 AM


UP, THEN BACK: Went up to Starbucks today to tell my story. Leigh and I took the train. Nice and slow, and on time. Fuck all that Seattle traffic. Thanks to Ben from Starbucks for a nice afternoon. And thanks to everyone who bought some merch! Appreciated.


START ME UP: All those years, I didn't mess with the Stones. That's dumb.

June 06, 2015
A Day To Hammer And Catch UP
Posted at 10:02 AM


SATURDAY, ALL DAY: Going for it all weekend. Leave us alone.


PROUD UNCLE, OUT IN THE CROWD: Oliver made it through pre-school. And all reports point to this: By the skin of his teeth.

Just kidding, Leah, just kidding. I'm a proud uncle. The light of our lives.


JUST BEFORE LEAVING VEGAS: I went and tempted fate—like a dumb ass—and tried to hit that "34" big, big and big. And fuck if I didn't hit it. Going for it, I hit that "34" with $100 on it. Bam! All the loot I lost lurking around Vegas with that mouthbreather Nakamoto? Well, I got it back in that moment. So weird, and so cool, and so gross, and so...uh...surreal.

That little ball? It fell into the 34 slot when I needed it to fall into the 34 slot.

Cosmic, random, dumb and cool as hell.

June 03, 2015
Today, Las Vegas!
Posted at 12:04 PM


TELLING OUR STORY TODAY: At the Future Live Insights conference! This afternoon! Full merch table.

June 02, 2015
Heading Down To Vegas!
Posted at 09:26 AM


BACK ON THE ROAD: Heading to Vegas this morning for official business. And, gambling.


OUR BUDDY PULLED OF THE IMPOSSIBLE: Tyler from Always With Honor made a stamp. Seriously. I'm blown away. Coolest thing we've seen the whole year. So good.

May 31, 2015
We Keep Them Thick
Posted at 02:05 PM


HE'S HERE: The guy from that thing is in the shop. Can't talk about it yet. He's here and we're getting serious about shit.


HEAVY MORNING: Went to TEDx this morning with Leigh. Saw Vin, Benji and Jason Murray. Benji did a great talk! Another beautiful production. Like, so professional. Still surprised those guys let me do my thing on that stage. Still weird, a whole year later.

May 29, 2015
Ordered Lines
Posted at 10:25 AM


MAKING PAGES: For something we haven't officially announced just yet. Soon.


Really hamming it up. All laffs. Photo by Saul Koll.

ONE COOL AFTERNOON: Gary Hustwit came by the shop! Hell yeah. He's the guy behind the amazing Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized documentaries. And, the producer of the Wilco documentary from 2002, "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco." I loved that thing. Good to have you guys come by!

May 27, 2015
Adding Up Numbers
Posted at 09:34 AM


A HEAVY DOC, ABOUT A HEAVY TIME: Leigh locked down tickets for the "Don't Think I've Forgotten" tonight at the Hollywood Theater. About Cambodian music exploding in the '60s, into the '70s, and being all but erased by the Khmer Rouge. So heavy. Beautiful record covers...check this link out.

May 26, 2015
Jet Lag Jitters, Again
Posted at 11:55 AM


ALWAYS WEIRD GETTING HOME FROM EUROPE: So upside down. "Went in" to work at 11pm tonight, and worked until 5 in the AM. Ugh. Fun. Middle age!

May 25, 2015
Heading Back From Berlin
Posted at 09:09 AM



HEADING HOME: Had a great time, Berlin! Thank you! Danke!

May 24, 2015
Final Day In Berlin
Posted at 10:24 AM




ONE LAST DAY: We're going to the Olympic Stadium today. Where Jesse Owens won the four gold medals in 1936.


A logo I saw from one of our cab rides. No idea what is was for?

Shooting the shit with these heavies, backstage. Erik Spiekermann and Josh Higgins.

Thank you for a fun show, TYPO Berlin! Ich Lieb Dich!

May 22, 2015
Heavy History In Berlin
Posted at 07:31 PM


We walked through the Jewish memorial. Pretty heavy.

May 21, 2015
Ripping Around Berlin
Posted at 10:18 PM



The arrows that lead you to the Bauhaus Archive.



BATTLING THE JET LEG: Up and around town a bit today. Over to the Berlin Wall memorial. So heavy.

May 19, 2015
On A Big Bird To Berlin!
Posted at 04:44 PM


Lurking around here at 3 in the AM!

WE MADE IT: A long, beautiful flight over here. Leigh and I had First Class Seats, due to some voucher I had on ice. So, so great. The big seats that recline into a bed and stuff. Feeding you the whole time. Burp!

May 18, 2015
Prepping For Berlin!
Posted at 07:24 PM


LEAVING FOR BERLIN TOMORROW: Pretty excited for some Germany!

May 17, 2015
Wishing I Was At Brimfield
Posted at 02:04 PM


A BIT OF SADNESS: Damn, I hate missing Brimfield. Damn, again.