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DDC-137 "Marc Maron - Aladdin Theater / Revolution Hall Poster"



Inspection process. (Photo by Leigh McKolay!)

Product Description:

A couple months back, I reached out to The Cat Ranch to make a poster for Marc’s upcoming Portland shows. Now, I had a little wind behind me, as Coop had vouched for me just before this, which I’m betting got Marc’s attention. I’ve been a fan of Coop since 1995! So Marc hits me up on Twitter, we exchange our contacts and we have a couple chats. I get the gig, make the poster and he picks the first thing I show him! Done.

Leigh and I are big Maron fans. We listen each week. Hell, we’ve listened to his shit for ENTIRE roadtrips across this fine nation, to the point where you start to think in his voice and shit. Weird stuff. I’ve cried my eyes out, listening to him talk about his relationship with his dad, thinking about my lucky relationship with my dad. Heavy stuff. Connected to this voice in my Volvo, winding through a canyon in Arizona. Had a moment there with the guy.

Following Marc’s Twitter action…both the promotion and troll battles, I noticed how he’d talk directly to fans and people going to his shows. And I went for it. And it the planets aligned and I got the gig! And that’s what you are seeing up above.

Marc was here over the weekend doing his shows. Had him by the shop to sign the posters! Did some chatting too. It was an absolute honor to hang with him a bit, see his comedy show, meet Dean Delray, meet Marc’s gal Sarah Cain and have him by the shop for a visit. So, so cool. Thanks for all of it, buddy.

WARNING: And hey, this is a first come/first serve sort of thing, so when these things go up, they go up. First 25 orders that come in get these goddamn things. These are the leftovers, signed by Marc himself, right here in the shop. Check me out, lording over the process, so fuckin’ excited to have the guy on the DDC factory floor.

Product Details:
01. Printed on thick, durable, French Pop-Tone “Sno Cone” 100# cover stock.
02. Two colors! Inspired by the The Garage!
03. 18” x 24” in dimension.
04. Proudly printed by the ink champions over at Seizure Palace!
05. What-The-Fuckers, get in a little closer: POWWWWW!!!
06. Lock the gates!
07. Dedicated to the our very favorite comedian and podcaster, Marc Maron.
08. Free Dean Delray face on there too, for ROCK SPIRIT!
09. Hand-numbered, using our patented freehand technique.
10. Insanely limited edition! They sold out at the shows, and we have 25 signed extras!
11. Free 3” x 20” burly kraft poster tube with each order! Reusable.
12. Two free white plastic end puck thingies.
Ordering Details:
The Fine Print:
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International Orders:
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