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DDC-250 SixInch x DDC "Thick Lines Series" Ottomans


Product Description:
We’re proud to announce a collaboration with Goshen, Indiana’s SixInchusa! Introducing the SixInch x DDC “Thick Lines Series” ottomans! Item no. “DDC-250” in our proud roster of spirited DDC merch items.

Limited edition of 75! Once the 75 ottomans have sold, the sale is over. When the sale is over, the ottomans will be printed, sewn and upholstered within 5 weeks. This isn’t imported stuff! This is made-to-order, USA-produced, high-quality furniture!

I’ve had a couple kicking around the shop for two years and they have withstood any number of thrashings from visitors, nephews, sisters, Jacob, Leigh, Dale, Neir, Goo, Nakamoto and various dogs and babies and stuff. These things hold up beautifully, and we’re proud to unleash this limited offering out into the world!

Special thanks to Josh Taylor from SixInch for rolling the dice on the DDC! They are AWESOME. Thank you!

Product Details:
01. Four “Thick Line” designs to pick from.
02. Contract-grade printed vinyl.
03. Dimension: 18” x 18”
04. 40,000+ cycle tested seat rating!
05. Individually numbered from “01-75”.
06. Authenticated by Aaron Draplin.
07. Envy of friends and family.

$250(Indiana sales tax if applicable.) Shipping included in the continental United States. All else to be quoted with order.

Click here for the link to the ottomans over at SixInch.com!

SixInch x DDC “Thick Lines Series” Ottomans:











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