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DDC-275 "DDC Nameplate Spirit Kit" No. 001-500



ONE OUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD: …is a simple, unassuming aluminum nameplate. Completely free of sweaty pretension, these industrial gems were simply meant to work, and withstand the wear-n-tear whatever drill press, electrical box, farm implement or sketchy generator it was tacked to was certainly going to experience. And yet, the typography on these forgotten gems is HANDS DOWN some of the most beautiful, balanced, legible examples of how to pack a lot of info into a small space. There’s a certain language to them that stands the test of time. Many lessons to be learned!

I have a sizeable collection of the things. Some procured legally, and some…shall we say…simply out, “procured by any means necessary.” If I happened upon some junk heap that was destined for the scrap yard or landfill and spotted something on something? Cat paw time, baby! Horked the thing off and beat feet.

Any number of times at one of my live shows across the land some rat kit would approach me in the merch line, smile a big shit-eating grin and hand me a little handful of mangled nameplates. “Got those from my Dad’s shop, Draplin…thought you’d like them!” YOU DID WHAT, PUNK? I’d quickly make sure we were in the clear before accepting them. That is some wild stuff, right there. Yeesh!

This little guy is the first of what I hope to be many nameplates made. And we made it into a little, spirited kit. Many more to come so please stay tuned!

Kit Parts:
01. One “DDC” nameplate, stamped with it’s own number: 001-500.
02. Two mounting screws.
03. One DDC nameplate metallic decal.
05. One DDC-031 “Reversible Screwdriver with Magnet Top.”
Product Details:
01. Screen printed on durable aluminum.
02. Inspired by nameplates across the land…silently holding it all together on tools, compressors, large implements and electrical boxes.
03. 2.75” wide x 1.125” tall in dimension.
04. Two holes drilled for easy mounting.
05. Each nameplate is numbered from 001-500. Stamped!
06. The real deal here. None of that digital bullshit here.
07. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
08. Manufactured by Steve Oglesby at the mighty International Graphics & Nameplate Inc. in Vancouver, Wash.
Ordering Details:
$13.99+$4 Shipping & Handling (U.S.A.)


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