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DDC-333 DDC x Tactile Turn "Bolt Action Pen"








Product Description:
HERE’S HOW THIS ONE WENT DOWN: Way back in 2015, one Will Hodges representing Tactile Turn down in Dallas hit me up with this savory nugget, “My name is Will Hodges and I make sweet machined pens.” And I don’t have any record of hitting him back? Either it got lost in the mix, or buried, or? Hard to say. Anyhoo, days turned into weeks into months into years and EVERYTHINGELSENESS took over.

Fast forward to April of 2023 and he hits me up again…it rings an odd bell and we get on the phone an hour later. We jawed a bit and got down to business: “How orange can you make it for me, Will?” Within a week I had a couple beautiful samples to try out! And I’ve been using that first sample for SIX MONTHS… daily daily daily. In and out of my possibles bag. Rattling around on my desk. One flick of bolt and I’m into the ink stratosphere!

The machined craftsmanship is stunning. Quite frankly, you’ll have this pen THE REST OF YER LIFE. Tough as hell, yet incredibly smooth to write with. I love a simple Clic Pen and all, but there’s something about these pens that elevates my game on paper. And that’s pretty dang cool.

Going back to this one, “My name is Will Hodges and I make sweet machined pens.”

He sure does. And we did here with the “DDC x Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen in anodized orange!

From the Tactile Turn site: “We used to offer anodized aluminum pens back in the Slider and Glider days so, when a designer asked about doing a custom run for his brand, we jumped at the opportunity to get some color samples made and they turned out amazing. Aluminum anodizes beautifully, machines quickly with minimal wear on the tooling, and is less expensive than any other material we offer. No telling if we’ll keep doing runs or how long they’ll be in stock but, if you want to add a cost-effective pop of color to your collection, look no further.” (That “designer” is ME!!!)

Product Details:
01. All-metal, durable bolt action mechanism.
02. Anodized as orange as possible and anodized in a brilliant blue.
03. 7075 aluminum body, tip, and top.
04. Titanium internal and bolt.
05. Laser-engraved “DDC” logo on stainless steel deep-carry clip.
06. 5.6” length.
07. 0.43” in diameter.
08. Laser-engraved “DDC x TACTILE TURN / DDC-333” branding on body.
09. The orange comes loaded with an orange Pilot G2 0.7 mm cartridge, and the blue comes with a turquoise Pilot G2 0.7 mm cartridge.
10. We threw and extra black Pilot G2 1.0 mm refill in, just because.
11. Comes packaged in exquisite, burly packaging. Check that foil hit!!!
12. Proudly designed, machined and assembled in Dallas, Texas by Tactile Turn.
Ordering Details:
$89.99 +$11 Shipping/Handling




The Fine Print:
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