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DDC-153 "Thick Lines Heart" Souvenir Patch and Decal Set


Product Description:
The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Sure, my heart might be the darkest, coldest, deadest of hearts, but I still feel love for Mom, Leigh, Oliver, Ewan and even Jacob sometimes. Rarely, Goo and Nakamoto too, those turds. So I made a little “thick-lined” heart to remind myself that love is a magical thing, and, well, to let it fill up my life, head and shop, and lift me from the lightless hellhole that is the Draplin Design Co. up into the warm, golden rays of love’s shining mysteries. Something like that. Or, I just like thick lines. You pick.
Product Details:
01. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
02. Durable embroidery. Long lasting.
02. Two colorways to from! “Blood Red/Black Heart” or “CMY Process Love”.
03. 3.0” x 2.625” in dimension.
04. Proudly manufactured by the threadmasters over at Brewery Outfitters!
05. In stock forever, until we die in the woods somewhere.
06.”The Power of Love…” -Huey Lewis
07. Shipped in a durable kraft StayFlat envelope.
Ordering Details:
$7.99 - Shipping Included!!! (U.S.A.)
“Thick Lines Heart” Decal Set


Product Description:
These things make my heart go pitter-patter:
01. Leigh Leigh.
02. Cheeseburgers.
03. Shooting stars.
04. Nephew Oliver.
05. Puppies.
06. Babies.
07. And this little sticker set!
Product Details:
01. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
02. Printed on thick, weather proof vinyl. Serious adhesives.
03. Colors inspired affairs of the heart.
04. 3.0” in diameter.
05. Proudly printed by the lovebugs of Diesel Fuel Prints!
Ordering Details:
$9.99 - Shipping Included!!! (U.S.A.)
The Fine Print:
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International Orders:
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