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DDC-065 "DDC Shipping Dock Beanie"

Photo: ©2012 DDC Merchandise Archives

Product Description:
Well, well, hell finally froze over. And we’ve got a proper beanie to battle those cold temps.

We’ve been on the top brass of Coal Headwear’s case for YEARS about making us our own beanies. And of course, they were busy, we were busy, and shit got put on the back burner. So a couple months back we put our lives, livelihood and finances on the line and DEMANDED a hat be manufactured to our specs, colors and minimal branding requirements. And goddammit, Coal delivered!

These workhorses are proudly made in the U.S.A., too. That was a big one for us. Sure, we could’ve had our friends way over in China handle ‘em, but that wasn’t gonna cut it. Brad and his crackpot team made my dream a reality, and we thank them for it. Special thanks to Joe and Mat for the handling the “beanie order of their lives” and pulling it off. Appreciated.

I mean, hell, I’ve given those bastards my life for a decade, it’s the least they can do, right? Right. With that said, we’ll say this: You need one of these. Get one. Ordering details below. Modern fit. Wear the thing two ways. Minimal branding. Colors for all kits. Made in the U.S.A. Made by our friends at Coal Headwear. Limited quantities. Going fast. Act now!

Product Details:
01. Manufactured by our brothers at Coal Headwear, Seattle, Wash.
02. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
03. Fits all heads. Even Dale’s goddamn melon.
04. Wear it two ways: Rolled up or folded down.
05. The colors that fuckin’ matter.
06. Special DDC woven tag for minimal representin’ around town.
07. We’ve been waiting for these forever. Hell finally froze over!
Ordering Details:
$19.99 - Shipping Included (U.S.A.)
The Fine Print:
For customers using PayPal, click the link above they’ll take it from there. For customers who aren’t using PayPal, send us an email to “orders(at)draplin.com” and we’ll get back to you with an address to ship the funds to. We accept money orders and cold hard cash, so, get with it, man! All orders are shipped out as fast as we can. Usually a couple days after the order comes in. We ship everything USPS “First Class” rates. If you want quicker shipping, contact us and we can ramp it up to USPS Priority, or whatever you need. We aim to please!
International Orders:
We cover the shipping in the states, but charge the basics for international orders. Before you place the order through our PayPal account, send us an email to “orders(at)draplin.com” and we’ll get you a shipping quote for the goods you are interested in. As simple as that! Thanks!

©2012 DDC Dry Goods Div., Merch Dept., Portland, Ore.