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DDC-074 "DDC 2012 Fall Tour" Torso Cover

Front of the shirt. Mayhem, spirit and dachshund evisceration.

Back of the shirt. Tour dates, listed!

Product Description:
We made a “tour only” torso cover, and here’s the story behind it. We contacted a TRUSTED heavy metal source of the HIGHEST CALIBER, one Orion Landau to get us in touch with an illustrator who could handle such a heavy load. Orion handed me off to AyeJay and we made magic. We inked a deal and the kid started producing minutes later. Thank you, buddy. Helluva job!

I mean, shit, I’ll never be in a band, and this fuckin’ tour is about as close as it’s gonna get for now, so shit, we had to do a tour t-shirt. Using terms like “load in” with a big toothy grin out there! And we did. Two-color to start and eight-color as the tour gets rolling! Wait until you see this pile of shit in the full color glory? Nutty.

Thank you to AyeJay and Orion and Relapse Records Dept. of Art and Sizzle Pie and Matt Jacobson and Mikey and the color “black.” We made these shirts as evil as we could, and we hope the dark forces of the night take you into it’s deadly arms and eviscerate yer guts or something. You know, metal shit! Get one now and get nasty on the road with us, or back home. Yer choice. Going fast!

Product Details:
01. Thick ink on durable fibers. Like we always do.
02. We made our very first “Tour” torso cover.
03. Black, red and orange. Unfuckwithable colors.
04. Ripping the ghost dog of Gary in half!
05. Built in the spirit of heavy metal acts criss-crossing the nation. Specifically, our brothers in Red Fang. After seeing all those scary skull/blood/fang t-shirts, I got all jealous and made one of my very own.
06. Available in sizes: S, M, L , XL, XXL and XXXL!
07. All the tour dates on the back of the thing!
08. Printed right here in by our buddy Nic at OSI. Thanks, you champs!
09. Wear it for 16 shows in a row, like we did. Real gross.
Ordering Details:
Sold Out! Thanks to all who came to see a show!

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