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DDC-164 "Everything Else" Enhancement Kit


EVERYTHING ELSE, EVERYTHING ELSE, EVERYTHING ELSE: When we first go this thing going, I had a long wishlist readied. And man, Abrams hit all the big ones for the book. Debossed cover, Orange 021 spot color throughout the entire book, 256 pages…I was in heaven. And the coolest part, the book would be super affordable at the $39.99 retail price. I was proud as hell of that. I remember not being able to afford big design books. So I’d flip through them and leave ‘em behind. Our book? Viciously affordable.

But of course, I went ape-shit and built a big list of “Everything Else” including a boss slipcase, mini prints, merit badge, decal sheet, bookmarks, a couple sets of fiercely limited edition Field Notes “Pretty Much Everything” edition and other goodies. Mystery items, too. That’s a pretty big pile of stuff.

And just to be clear, the DDC “Everything Else” Enhancement Kit DOES NOT come with the book. Buy that separately. The “EEEK” kit comes with a beautiful slipcase filled with items designed to enhance the book.

ITEMIZED: DDC “Everything Else” Enhancement Kit, Item List:

01. EEEK-001 “Decal Sheet”
02. EEEK-002 “Merit Badge”
03. EEEK-003 “Certificate of Authenticity”
04. EEEK-004 “Mini Print Set”
05. EEEK-005 “Bookmark Set”
06. EEEK-006 “Everything Else Notes”
07. EEEK-007 “DDC Pinback”
08. EEEK-008 “Troll Excerpt”
09. EEEK-009 “PME Slipcase”
10. EEEK-010 “Field Notes Three-Packs”
11. EEEK-0?? “Mystery Items!”

Click here to get in a little closer at all that gear packed into that slipcase!

Ordering Details:
Thank you to everyone who snagged one of our EEEK kits! Sold out the entire 1,500 kits. Our book is being enhanced ALL OVER THE WORLD! Thank you!


DDC Standard Issue “Pretty Much Everything” Field Notes 3-Pack - U.S.A.
Ordering Details:
Sold Out!
Thank you to everyone who snagged one of our EEEK Field Notes! Sold out the entire run of 5,000 three-packs!!! Thank you!

As Orange As We Could Make Them:
“Pretty Much Everything” Slipcase
ASIDE FROM OUR BOOK, THE GREATEST THING WE’VE EVER MADE: The DDC “Pretty Much Everything Slipcase” is BALLISTIC. House your copy of Pretty Much Everything in one of these USA-built beasts. These were made with the thickest of book board, the orangest of Brillianta cloth to covering and then hit as hard as possible with the burliest of hot foil hits on the spine. These things will outlast you. Made somewhere in Wisconsin! Limited edition.

That books fits like a finely-tailored glove!


Ordering Details:
Sold Out!
Thank you to everyone who snagged one of our EEEK slipcases! Sold out the entire run of 3,000!!! Holy shit. Thank you!
And Don’t Forget These:
EEEK Kit “Orange, Black & Silver Decal Set” Super Sheet
AS MANY STICKERS AS WE COULD FIT ON THAT PAGE: These decal sets were inserted in the original EEEK kits, and we’ve got a pile left over. They sold well on the tour this fall, so we thought we’d put them up and get some out there. Accompanies the book insanely well. 8” x 10” in dimension. Ballistic vinyl with die-cut peel-n-stick decals. Orange, Black and wait until you see that silver?! So nice.


Ordering Details:
Sold Out!
Thank you to everyone who snagged one of our EEEK decal set super sheets! Thank you!

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