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DDC-306 DDC Brand "Tumbling Dice" Super Kit









TRIPLE SIX ROLL: This dicey project is a collaboration between the Draplin Design Co. of Portland, Oregon and Severed Books of Baltimore, Maryland. Viciously limited edition. Fairly-priced. Small size and light weight. Easy to carry. Fits nicely in small spaces. Exquisite workmanship throughout. Good for collection or decoration. Suitable for many board games. This spirited set could be the start of a whole new life? ROLL THE DICE.

Great For:
General Gambling Activities Amongst Family, Friends and Miscreants, Back Alley Busts, Throwing It All Away, Determining Destiny, Nefarious Street Hustling, Tempting The Fates, Seeing Who Goes First, Getting Weird, Statistical Oddities, Summoning Demons, Gaming, Betting and Duping Dull-Witted Marks for Rent Money. These dice are not loaded. The universe will indiscriminately determine the outcome of each roll.
Product Details:
01. Reinforced 2-color Super Kit box.
02. Two 3-Die Dice Sets.
03. Set One: Orange/White Pips 3-Die Set.
04. Set Two: White/Orange Pips 3-Die Set.
05. 16mm six-sided dice.
06. Burly dice pouch. You can put yer weed in it, too.
07. One 25mm “Procrasti-Die” to solve ALL procrastination dilemmas.
08, Fold-out “DEE-DEE-CEE-LO” instructions.
09. Three screen printed souvenir stickers.
10. Made in collaboration with Justin Sirois of Severed Books, Baltimore, USA.
11. Roll the dice!
12. Infused with good luck in each pip.
Ordering Details:
$24.99+$6.00 Shipping & Handling (U.S.A.)
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DDC-306-PROCRAST DDC Brand “Procrasti-Die” 25mm Die



YOU KNOW THE DEAL: That project is weighing on you. The next round is due. The painful “Did you get my e-mail?” e-mails are stacking up. You are hemming. You are hawing. What to do? What to do? What the do?

Enter the DDC Brand “Procrasti-Die!” Roll that thing and let FATE make the next move. Maybe you buckle down and get it done? Maybe you call a friend and cry about it a little bit? Maybe you just set your computer on fire and join a circus and hit the road? MANY OPTIONS AWAIT. Roll the dice…PROCRASTI-DIE will make it clear what to do (or not do) next…

Stuck on a project. Pissed at a client? Why not procrastinate with Draplin Design Company’s official Procrasti-Die? This big, etched 25mm chonky will clunk across your desk with the weight of all the pending projects in your queue.

Product Details:
01. 25mm acrylic die.
02. Teal color.
03. Get that project done! Or put it off? Or take a nap? Or? LET THE “PROCRASTI-DIE” LEAD THE WAY WITH A GOOD, STRONG ROLL…

(The Draplin Design Co. cannot be held accountable for lost wages, lost jobs, canceled projects, terminated positions, legal injunctions, legal beagles or legal eagles that may or may not arise, pursuant to one’s roll of a Procrasti-Die, hence therefore, sealing their fate with unsavory outcomes.)

Ordering Details:
$6.99+$4.00 Shipping & Handling (U.S.A.)
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