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DDC-165 "Stars & Stripes Mini Print Set"


Product Description:
Once a year in Portland I’ll have some turd at a barbecue say something along the lines of, “Dude, your star tattoo..is that some kind of “God Bless America” thing?” And there’s a bit of snark to it, as if I did something wrong. And sure, that’s Portland and all, but since when did a couple stars and bars put free-thinking folks in a category that raised eyebrows?

The infraction is this: I have that classic 1976 Bicentennial Administration logo on my inner calf, big and beautiful. My very favorite logo of all time. Designed by Bruce Blackburn in 1975…for America! And here’s the thing: It means something to me, from a different time. It always said “America!” to me. Be it on the Space Shuttle hanger or in some antique store or in Mercury Rev materials. And getting it on my leg, it was a way to remind myself of how thankful I am to have grown up here, and, how it’s always changing.

But before I go any farther, in a certain kind of America. Not the “Lee Greenwood America” where you blindly trust some set of bullshit nationalistic ideals. “These colors don’t run!” That one always felt a little too fascist to me. Remember the fistfights over flag burning in the late ’80s? Freedom of speech is what makes America the incredible, breathing place it is. Dissenting views should be understood instead of squashed. We live in a place where you can burn the flag? Sure, if that’s your deal, then sure. It’s not my thing, but then again, either is dropping bombs on developing countries.

So I made a little set of prints that celebrate America, in my own little way. A stars-n-bars super star, that Philly bell, a nod to 1976 and a fortified star. I’ve had these things on ice for years. The Philly bell? That was when I spoke there in 2011. The ‘76 ligature? Made that thing in the early ’00s, I think? It was fun to give these little patriotic nuggets some life.

I love America, and believe it’s always refining, getting stronger and stronger and, arming itself with persnickety things like “equality for everyone,” “affordable health care,” “opportunity for all” and “respect around the world” coming into focus. Instead of excluding people, we welcome them. Acceptance, tolerance and progression. A new America that lets the nasty, old ways die, and reinvents itself again and again. At least, that’s what I’m hoping and voting for.

And, I’d just love to make a real stamp someday for the USA. Wishful thinking, these little prints!

Product Details:
01. Printed on thick, durable “Way White” 100# uncoated cover stock!
02. Three colors! Inspired by America.
03. 6” x 8” in dimension.
04. Buy a single print or the whole set. We recommend the whole set.
05. Proudly printed by our Portland buddies over at Seizure Palace!
06. Shipped in burly kraft envelopes.
Ordering Details:
$35.99 Set of Four / $11.99 Single Print - Shipping Included!!! (U.S.A.)
The Fine Print:
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International Orders:
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