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DDC-263 The James Brand x DDC "Elko" Folding Knife


Product Description:
This one goes back a good twenty years. When I met my buddy Ryan Coulter in 2002, I instantly knew that this was the kind of guy to start taking notes around. He knew how to make stuff! Snowboard bindings, shoes, sporting goods, bags…all sorts of boss stuff. And free of the pompous industrial design swagger I’ve run into here and there. He was a regular guy! We shared a Midwestern upbringing bond, and yearning for The West. We both had to escape. There’s a cool understanding there we share. Each gig, project or year we make it out here is always good for a high-five. And that goes back to 2002.

Over the years we got to collaborate a bit for Union Binding Company, and then made some Field Notes for The James Brand, and this time? We made a knife together. And for that, I am blown away. I’ll have one of these on my keychain FOREVER.

And hey, this isn’t just about a knife—it’s about the power of design. Coulter designed EVERY single facet of this thing. I’m in awe every time a James Brand product. Respect, buddy. Congratulations on amazing The James Brand, and thank you for making these for the DDC! We love ya, Coulter!

Product Details:
01. Lightweight and durable high-pressure fiberglass laminate G10 handles.
02. Drop point blade design for strength and versatility.
03. Utilizes Carpenter CTS-BD1 steel with high hardness, good wear resistance, and excellent edge retention.
04. Slim profile and lightweight design is perfect for a keychain, lanyard, pocket, purse or backpack.
05. Ambidextrous carry orientation.
06. 416 stainless steel hardware, phosphor bronze washers.
07. Closed Length: 2.60” (6.58cm) / Open Length: 4.33” (11.0cm) / Blade Length: 1.74” (4.4cm)
08. Nail nick blade opener.
09. Sharp as shit. Cuts through the bullshit with minimal effort.
10. As orange as possible!
11. Maximum utility in a brilliiant, minimal design.
12. Comes with incredible The James Brand packaging.
13. “Always cut away from yerself.” -DDC, Whittling Div.
14. Viciously limited second edition of 700.
15. We kindly ask you to limit these to a “Two Per Human” sort of thing.
Read This:
LIMITS: We kindly ask you to limit these to a “Two Per Human” sort of thing. Last time we had flippers buying eight and ten of the things. Any orders that come in with “more than two knives” will be shipped as two, and the rest refunded.

CURRENT COORDINATES: Before you order, make sure your mailing address and email are current inside PayPal. We can’t stress this enough.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Due to limited availability, we are only taking domestic orders on the knife tomorrow. We’ll let you know if/when international sales may become available again on the knives. We’re doing our very best to handle all the demand. Please accept our apologies, international friends. There will be future runs with the knife.

Ordering Details:
Sold Out! Third run is in the works! Check back soon!

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