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Draplin Design Co., North America
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DDC-015 "North Lock Torso Cover"

Photo: ©2009 DDC Merchandise Archives

Product Description:
It’s a t-shirt. Pretty simple, right? It’s got some type on it. A simple message.

By wearing this shirt you tell the world that you “back” the DDC and its efforts. No big deal. Thank you for believing in us.

Plus, this shirt can protect you from a bad sweater, a brisk wind out back peeing in the back yard with Gary, a draft while sitting next to a rickety window. Tried. Tested. True.

Product Details:
01. Thick ink on durable fibers.
02. Fashionable on the DDC Factory Floor.
03. Something we wear with pride.
04. All the colors you need.
05. Available in sizes: S, M, XL.
06. Buy one.
07. An extra hit of DDC branding on the bottom hem.
09. Offered in two colors: “Way White” on “Factory Floor Orange” and “Carhartt Double Knee” on “Backyard Dirt.”

FROM AN OLD COLORWAY: Gary dragged his ass across the “Burnt Orange” version. Hard to say what he meant with this gesture.

Ordering Details:
$20 PPD (U.S.A, CAN)
Colors Available:
Sizes Available:

The Fine Print:
For customers using PayPal, click the link above they’ll take it from there. For customers who aren’t using PayPal, send us an email to “orders(at)draplin.com” and we’ll get back to you with an address to ship the funds to. We accept money orders and cold hard cash, so, get with it, man! All orders are shipped out the day they are received. Fast, too. We spare no expense.
International Orders:
We cover the shipping in the states and up to Canada, but charge the basics for International orders. Before you place the order through our PayPal account, send us an email to “orders(at)draplin.com” and we’ll get you a shipping quote for the goods you are interested in. As simple as that! Thanks!

©2009 DDC Dry Goods Div., Merch Dept., Portland, Ore.