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Draplin Design Co., North America
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"Our band could be your life." -The Minutemen
Thank you for the good work.
I'd lay my life down for these fuckers. Already have a couple times for a couple of them, too. "DDC Friendship Fees" are long overdue, you roughnecks. Pay up.
How we start our day. Usually, we'll do some random prowling and then realize the day has been "shot to shit" and all calls, emails and project progress has been grossly neglected. Thanks.
The Draplin Design Co. family of brands. We appreciate yer continued support.
The guys who simultaneuously inspire us to "keep going" and, blow our minds enough to make us "want to hang it all up and crawl into the wilderness to die." Tug-o-war action.
Mom got me going with stick figures, and to this day, no margins or backs of envelopes are safe. Dig these guys.
Find out about a new band. Give them a listen. Download some live tracks. Chart a band's tour progress. Forget to press "play" on the iTunes and then question why you give a fuck in the first place.
The dry goods we stand behind. The official "DDC Seal of Approval" is bestowed on a handful of quality products. We use this stuff, and, it's treated us well over the years. That should matter.
Buy some fonts, man.
Dot those i's and cross those t's, then, make sure yer rags look good and then, make sure the k's and o's are kerned properly and make sure there aren't any widows, ever, and, check those smart quotes and...
Dinosaur Jr. ("She's my post to lean on...")
Mark Kozelek (A friend said he was a dick. Still love that honey voice.)
Paul Westerberg ("She's got a voice like the last day of Catholic school.")
Richmond Fontaine (Portland's finest country-ish rock band.)
Son Volt ("May the wind take yer troubles away...")
The Goddamn Flaming Lips (The greatest band in the known universe.)
Wilco (Via Chicago.)
Coal Headwear (Seattle, Wash.)
Forum Snowboards (Board graphics, man, board graphics.)
Gnu Snowboards (Seattle-based hucksters.)
Grenade Gloves (Mammoth Lakes, Calif / Portland, Ore.)
LIb Tech Snowboards (Bunch of Northwest hippies.)
Snowboard Magazine (Hailey, Ida.)
Union Binding Co. (Seattle, Wash. / Colico, Italy)
Willy Vlautin ((Writer. Richmond Fontaine leader. Heck yes.))
Cameron Barrett (Twin brother to Damien. New York City.)
Cris Dabica (A voice of reason in Vermontville.)
Damien Barrett (Twin brother to Cameron. New York City.)
David Nakamoto (Just how many fresh's are in Multifresh?)
Eric Knudtson (Talented web designer, currently living in Argentina.)
Eric Lovejoy (DDC Employee #01, Skateboarder, Montana Blood)
Evan Rose (Brother. Jew. Ski Area Archivist. Maja Digger. Donald Lover.)
John 'Goo' Phemister (A man of wood, dirt, Fran and Dot.)
Kurt Halsey Fredriksen (Cute ain't cheap.)
Mark Michaylira (Design Director at Snowboarder Mag. Pennsylvanian.)
Michael Godfrey (Big thinker. Good head of hair. Brazil nut. Good code.)
Nazarin Hamid (Beautiful photography from Chicago.)
P.J. 'Hoss' Chmiel (Pirate, Scooterist, Ninja, Vegan, Patriot, Sign Archivist)
Pat 'the eYe' Bridges (Editor of Snowboarder Mag., Mayor of Rutland, Verm.)
Project Projects (Adam Michaels, Prem Krishnamurthy, New York City.)
Ryan 'Coult-Air' Coulter (His "Saturday Lists" make you appreciate living.)
Ryan 'Ryno' Simonson (Blood brother, but, that doesn't mean we like him.)
Seth Neefus (An up and coming soldier in the Grenade Art Dept.)
Vin LaVecchia (Fellow man of size. Excellent writer. Big thinker. Husband. Rock fuckin' solid.)
Daily Visits
Boing Boing (An interesting array of stuff from all over the web.)
Coudal Partners (Their "daily signals" starts our day. From Chicago, Ill.)
Grain Edit (The good kind of design from long ago, and contemporary sources.)
House Industries Blog (Show and tell from the guys at House.)
Jason Kottke (Smart kid. Smart links. Smart design. Just smart.)
Largehearted Boy (Distinctive music, comic and all-aroundness links.)
NPR (Support NPR!)
So Much Pileup (Mike Davis' incredible blog about thick lines and great type.)
Subtraction (Bridging the gap between web functionality and web design.)
DDC Brands
Draplin Design Co. (Graphic Arts, Advice, Heavy Lifting, Gary, Open Road.)
Field Notes (Write it down. It'll last longer.)
Gary (The little man on the DDC Factory Floor. Smooth. Red. Loud.)
Aesthetic Apparatus (Rock poster mastery from Minneapolis.)
Burlesque (Posters, beats, slang, nastiness and great design from MPLS.)
Cinco Design Office (The DDC pinch-hitted here, 2002-2004, proudly.)
Coudal Partners (Their "daily signals" starts our day. From Chicago, Ill.)
CSA Design (Minneapolis heroes. Thanks, Chuck.)
Cuban Council (Insanely well-crafted digital development. Hubba hubba.)
Designgraphik (Mike Young, Baltimore. Met him at MCAD. Very talented.)
House Industries (Preeminent purveyors of schticky typography.)
JDK (Years and years of amazing work out of Burlington, Verm.)
Jeff Canham (Beautiful, hand-crafted type with a ocean breeze.)
Joe Kral (The man behind Test Pilot Collective. Nice guy, too.)
K10K (So much to check out. Daily. Beautifully designed.)
Nemodesign (Trevor, Chris, Jeff and Jay, and 36 others. Great shit. Growing!)
Newstoday™ (Amazing resource for fresh work, opportunities and product.)
Ohio Girl (Andy Mueller's world. Amazing stuff.)
Struggle Inc. (Cody Hudson, City of Big Shoulders, Chicago, Ill.)
Wicked Cobra (Great collage, great color, just fuckin' great.)
Wink (Great work. Great marks. Great Minneapolis. Great.)
Tyler Stout (Some of the best lines in the business.)
Music Portals
Chromewaves (Chrome-plated perspective on all things indie rock.)
Magnet Magazine (Good perspective on good tunes. No chaff.)
Pitchfork Media (Smash yer head on the indie rock.)
RBally (Amazing live downloads here, posted pretty much daily. Addictive.)
Apple (They make our lives better.)
Busy Beaver Button Co. (Impeccable quality, fast shipping, good spirit.)
Canon Digital Cameras (Over the years: S110, S400, SD450, SD630 & G10.)
Carhartt Clothing (Double-knee durability that'll last a lifetime.)
Herman Miller Aeron Chair (What we sit on while chained to the desk.)
Martin Guitars (Something like 1400 steps goes into building a Martin.)
Muji (Simple, utilitarian products for home and office. Just right.)
Odwalla (Good nectar. Could live off this shit. Sorta do.)
Office PDX (Beautiful store offering office things that you need. Lethal.)
Pearl Drums (We play these like a gorilla might.)
Readymade (Good shitter material. Think up a projects, then forget to do it.)
Saucony (Our kicks of choice.)
Sharpie (Not to be fucked with.)
Volkswagen (Big S, still as strong as the day we brought him into the fold.)
Type Foundries
Adobe Type Library (Everything you need. All the basics, especially.)
FontFont (San Francisco's premiere foundry.)
Hoefler & Frere-Jones (Beautifully-crafted. Exacting details. Best stuff going.)
House Industries (Preeminent purveyors of schticky typography.)
Process Type Foundry (Eric Olson's deal.)
T-26 (Carlos Segura's typographic empire. Great stuff. Vast.)
Mark Simonson (Amazing typographer from Minnesota.)
Typotect (Type blog from Minneapolis. Midwest, represent.)