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Draplin Design Co., North America
Snowboard Magazine Cover Archive

Here’s some I wrote about the photography in Snowboard Magazine:

I spend my day designing stuff in my basement. I’m comfortable and pantless. It’s warm in the winter and a meat locker in the summer. That’s I how do it. Little to no honor, really. Gross, for the most part.

But, take these photographers and their yearly output. Think about this stuff for a second. The majority of the shots were taken out there. Chances are it was bitter cold, or the fuzz was bearing down on the scene, or the rider was having a hard time landing the trick, or the light was quickly dissipating…and there was a good chance the roads on the way up to the place were dangerous as shit too. Whatever the scenario, what impresses the hell out of me with each submission we get from our photographers is just how many shots that come in, that basically defy the reality they are facing out there.

Things often go wrong, and these guys keep sending in the right stuff. I’m in awe of just that.

Anymore, my eye doesn’t go to how high the rider is off the ground, or what trick he might be doing in the air. I gave that shit up a decade ago. I’m more interested in the composition, light, color and overall energy. I think about the moment. I think about all the things coming together for that one split second. I think about the logistics of time and space and weather and velocity and transition and then just maybe, I try to think about the riders and their respective style in the air. It’s enough to make you a little crazy.

So, be sure to get off on the effort it takes to bring you these photographs. I sure do, and give thanks to all the warriors out there who make our magazine so much fun to look at. -Aaron James Draplin

(From “Behind the Green Door,” Page 014,
January 2007, Year 04, Issue 04)

Year 01, Winter 2004-2005

On the cover: Mike Basich. Haines, Alaska. Mike Basich photo.
Fall 2004, Year 01, Issue 01

On the cover: Jesse Grandkoski. Nigita, Japan. Jizo “Kazu” Kitayama photo.
Winter 2004, Year 01, Issue 02

On the cover: Phil Pare (dropping), Etienne Gilbert (pushing), Matt Lerche (sitting). Quebec City, Quebec. Oli Gagnon photo.
Spring 2005, Year 01, Issue 03

Year 02, Winter 2005-2006

On the cover: Tadashi Fuse. Hokkaido, Japan. Zizo photo.
October 2005, Year 02, Issue 01

On the cover: Todd Richards & Travis Parker. DC Mountain Lab, Utah. Nate Christenson photo.
November 2005, Year 02, Issue 02

On the cover: Track by Nate Lind. Mt. Baker, Washington. Mike Yoshida photo.
December 2005, Year 02, Issue 03

On the cover: Kyle Clancy. Lonesome Highway, Wyoming. Tim Zimmerman photo.
Year 02, Issue 04

On the cover: Tyler Stout illustration.
January 2006, Year 02, Issue 05

On the cover: Kazushi Yamauchi. Tsugaike, Japan. Neil Hartmann photo.
February 2006, Year 02, Issue 06

Year 03, Winter 2006-2007

On the cover: Jeremy Jones. Utah. Rob Mathis Photo.
November 2006, Year 03, Issue 01

On the cover: Pat Moore. Mammoth Mountain, California. Cole Barash photo.
December 2006, Year 03, Issue 02

On the cover: Mikey Rencz. Whistler, British Columbia. Shaun Hughes photo.
January 2007, Year 03, Issue 03

On the cover: Chris Rotax. Monckton, Vermont. Blotto photo.
February 2007, Year 03, Issue 04

On the cover: Gus Engle. Anchorage, Alaska. Alex Mertz photo.
March 2007, Year 03, Issue 05

Year 04, Winter 2007-2008

September 2007 Premium Brand Buyer’s Guide

October 2007, Year 04, Issue 01
On the cover: Mikey LeBlanc. Minneapolis, Minn. J2 photo.

November 2007, Year 04, Issue 02
On the cover: Jonaven Moore. Interior, British Columbia. Andrew Hardingham photo.

December 2007, Year 04, Issue 03
On the cover: Danny Kass. Riksgransen, Sweden. Tim Zimmerman photo.

January 2008, Year 04, Issue 04
On the cover: Micael Lundmark. On the Moon. Peter Lundstrom photo.

February 2008, Year 04, Issue 05
On the cover: JP Walker. Quebec City, Quebec. Cole Barash photo.