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Draplin Design Co., North America
Sasquatch Festival

My buddy Dana and I were whipping across some Iowa cornfield, heading back from a wild gig in Dubuque and my iPhone blows up. It’s a “206” number and that means, “Seattle.” So I take the call, wondering if it’s Brad trying to hunt me down and instead, it’s one Adam Zacks from the Sasquatch Festival. Sasquatch Festival?! Yes!

I make Dana pull over so we can keep the reception locked in and we get down to business. We talk about the history of the festival, about bands, about the might design prowess of Invisible Creature and, if I’d be interested in taking a shot at the event graphics for the upcoming festival.

Being a fan of Invisible Creature, and knowing those would be BIG shoes to fill, I had to accept the challenge. Had to. Too fun. Too cool. Rock-n-roll shit, you know? And, a chance to see Tame Impala? Done.

I thought about it for about four seconds, accepted and dropped this gauntlet on Mr. Zacks: “I accept, sir. But right here, right now, you gotta promise me that you’ll get me the backstagiest of backstage passes. Like, I want to be right back there saying shit like, “Yo, Jack White, pass me the ranch dressing.”

He promised me ALL ACCESS and we were off. Doing rock-n-roll business, in some Iowa cornfield. Perfect.

And we went! And it was incredible. I got to smuggle Leigh, Brad, Bailey and my girth in. We had a hell of a day. Ate like kings. I even guzzled down some big beers. How about that? Festival shit.

Thank you Adam and Lynn! So proud to have contributed to such a Northwest classic!

2013 Sasquatch Festival Event Graphics

4-color screen printed poster in “Sonics” colorway.

4-color screen printed poster in “Sunset” colorway.

4-color screen printed poster in “Blue Sky” colorway.

4-color screen printed poster in “Black Metals” colorway.

Inspection complete!

Big, big graphics like this, everywhere you looked! So cool.

Brad, Bailee, Man Mountain, Leigh Leigh = Couple Dynamics.