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Draplin Design Co., North America
Sizzle Pie

Finally, some kick-ass pizza in Portland. Tried the artisanal shit once and only once. Fuck waiting two hours and fuck the big, bloated, overrated prices. Not naming any names, but we’re pointy a meaty hunk of pepperoni at the joint in town that uses Comic Sans. Yeah, you.

Anyhoo, Sizzle Pie came to life here in Portland and we love what they are doing. Special thanks to Matt, Mikey and Orion for trusting me with the “identity” part of their brand. So proud to be able to help out.

Go check out all the radness here, pizza breath!


Sizzle Pie wordmark.


Sizzle Pie East exterior signage.

Pizza Box

Sizzle Pie box. Red and Black on chipboard. What fuckin’ box!