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Draplin Design Co., North America
Bernie Sanders

I have always loved Bernie Sanders. His relentlessness, spirit and unflinching commitment to helping people who need help. We need more Bernie Sanders sorts in Washington, DC. My Vermont buddy Luis Calderin is working for Bernie Sanders, doing all kinds of cool stuff with art and music activation for his campaign. We go way back. Used to work on Gravis stuff and would hear him on calls and stuff. He called me up some months back and we got to chewing the fat about Bernie. I simply told him this, “I like Bernie. And please consider me if you guys need ANY design help. Anything. I’d love to contribute.” And we left it like that.

Then this link popped up! Some heavy hitters on there. So proud to share the page with them. So I got fired up and start putting together some pieces. Just excited to help the guy along in any little way I could.

In early January, Luis called to see if I could submit a poster for an the upcoming “The Art of a Political Revolution” art show he was putting together. Of course I could! So I made three posters, and that’s what you are seeing here. Here’s a couple links to the show in Los Angeles:

“Artists and Cultural Leaders for Bernie”

“The Art of A Political Revolution” Facebook page

“The Art of a Political Revolution” for Bernie Sanders

“Artists For Bernie Sanders Present: The Art of Political Revolution”

For Bernie! For America! Feel the Bern!

The Art of A Political Revolution Posters

“American Flag Bernie!”

“Red, White, Blue and Bernie”

“Thick Lines Bernie”