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Draplin Design Co., North America
Marc Maron

2-color on French Pop Tone “Sno Cone”! Printed by Seizure Palace!

Here’s how this one goes. I’ve been a fan of Maron’s for some time now. But, it took me a couple years. It was in the summer of 2013 that I really got hooked on the guy. Leigh and I were on a roadtrip home and we went DEEP into Maron. To the point where you hear his voice when you think. Or you react how you think he’d react to something. Maniacal, yet, heartwarming and human. That’s the Maron I love the most.

So I watch the guys for a couple years. His movements around the states on tour, tune in each for the podcast and his show on IFC. And I notice that for his comedy shows, people will do posters, simply by just sort of making them, then reaching out to Marc to sell at his shows. Simple stuff. In my head, you’d think some manager or something would reach out to you through Marc for the commission? I mean, this is a big time comedic force, you know? Well, after watching for awhile, that transaction was a lot more down to earth.

So I reach out to him via Twitter: “Can I make a poster for your upcoming Portland gigs?” And then my new buddy Coop vouches for me. Marc checks me out and writes me back and we set up a call. A couple days later, Marc calls and we go over the basics of who we are, the poster, how to print it, how many, etc. And then he says, “Hey, I think I want to put you on my podcast.”

And I freak out. What’d you say, man?

So I quick accept and we work out a time to chat, in between his upcoming Portland shows in July of 2015. I get to work on the poster, my buddies at Seizure Palace print me a beautiful stack of them, Marc shows up in town, the first show goes down at the Aladdin, we meet and hang backstage and then the next morning, Marc comes to the shop.

And that conversation, that’s what you’ll hear here: Marc Maron’s “What The Fuck” podcast: Episode 649 - Aaron Draplin

Man, I’m still blown away. I was just happy to be able to roll my sleeves on the poster! But to be on the WTF podcast? First reaction was, “Sure, but why?” I mean, Marc’s had some big time folks on there. Celebrities and shit. Every comedian, pretty much, ever. And some quirky stuff, too. Art-wise, he’s had Robert Williams, Shepard Fairey and Coop on there, but damn, those are heavy-hitters! Let’s just say I was blown away to be asked, be on there…and shit, to see it go live. So weird, surreal, cool, mindlblowing, fun and frenzied.

And damn, I went nuts. Didn’t let the poor guy get a word in edgewise. I was so excited, high and freaked out, I just went crazy. And then crashed hard when talking about Dad. Sobbing and shit. Kind of embarrassed to lose my shit, but kind of not. That’s how it goes when you lose one of the greatest dads in the world.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about our chat. Very appreciated! I’m just filing this one in the “Things That Aren’t Supposed To Happen” category. Still can’t believe it. Thanks, Marc!

The signing of the posters. Photo by Leigh McKolay.