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Draplin Design Co., North America

My second day in Oregon was spent high atop the Mt. Hood in Timberline’s glaciers. We left our native Michigan for the Great Wide West a week before, dropped our shit off in Bend and headed up to Government Camp to check out the August’s happenings on the glaciers. We got to ride some half pipe and hit a couple jumps, and proceeded to sunburn the shit out of faces with all that glacial greatness. We had no idea.

Snowboarding. In the summer. Our little minds were blown!

I’ll just never forget hanging in the Timberline parking lot, looking up at that big hill for the first time. So incredible. Many years of great sessions followed at Timberline and Meadows. In the summer and the darkest days of winter.

The Brian Reed commissioned me to make a set of icons illustrating all the fun parts of Mt. Hood’s Fusion Pass. It’s a pass that combines Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows across the street. Shred the day, then shred the night!

Mt. Hood Fusion Pass Icon Set