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FEELING A LITTLE ROUGH, BUT WE PUSH ON: Just gave a spirited telling of our half-ass “Tall Tales From A Large Man” speaking fiasco to a packed room at Citrix here in San Jose. Thank you to everyone who came up to me afterward, bought a hunk of DDC merch, snapped a shot or shook some hands.

Hell, we even appreciate the guy who came up and said Obama didn’t really believe in America or the Constitution, and I was all tired, and gave him a little sass and said, “I voted for freedom, and, for people who can’t afford freedom.” Something like that. He was pushing that wingnut Obama 2016 doc on me. “I’m a Ron Paul guy.” Cool, man! Whatever floats yer boat. Me, I’m gambling on things like universal health care, human rights and clear thinking. There you go.

Now I’m in a hotel room, hammering on Coal pages, sweating out the a flight in a couple hours back to Portland. With some luck, Eric Powers is gonna take me to hit a record store. Awesome!

When I get back in town tonight, the DDC road crew descends upon our beloved Portland Bazaar for our annual offering of “must-have items at Portland-only pricing! Posters! Field Notes! Oregon stuff! Action caps! Sticker-y things. Stuff. Trinkets. Junk. Spirited goods.

We’re setting up tonight, which, is just about as fun as actually selling stuff. I get to see buddies from Poler, Wood & Faulk, Reading Frenzy, Antler & Co., Viiiinstrument, Brewery Outfitters and 53 other rad enterprises. Proud as hell to be a part of it all! I plan on BULLSHITTING it up hard with all my buddies tonight, and, this weekend.

And, it’ll be nice to hang with Leigh and Ewok, have some laughs, make some friends, relax a bit, sit on our butts, and generally take it all in. Thank you, Portland. You are the best. Really.

And holy shit, do we have some new shit to peddle! For starters, a MONSTER Oregon poster, inspired by big trees, moss and dirt. Nice and wet and green. And an Oregon torso cover. And new DDC action caps. And other bullshit. Come hang out!

The shit gets going tomorrow morning! Click this and make an afternoon of it: The Portland Bazaar.

See you there, Portland!

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