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November 20, 2012
Today, South Dakota!
Posted at 08:22 AM


TODAY, RAPID CITY: Hell, in just a little bit, here. In 22 minutes, I need to have my ass downstairs, into the arms of Hugh Weber, who’ll transport me over to the Dahl Center for a very thorough A/V check, and then some mingling with students. I’m hungry as a bear…as a Black Hills spirit animal. Hugh, we need to forage for food!

Anyhoo, Rapid City, we are telling our story to the AAF Black Hills today! Be there! Here’s the link to the whole mess. Jason and Hugh say the turnout is going to be good, so, hell, the PRESSURE IS ON! And having just slayed Belfast and Stockholm—proud cities in their own right—we are COMPLETELY READY to take on Rapid City! All systems are “Go!”

Our “Tall Tales From A Large Man” speaking fiasco is readied. We’ve got South Dakota posters, too! Check these spirit steeds out:


Five colors on the thickest paper, ever! Four, count ‘em four fluorescent colors, with a brute force hit of “overprint black” to hold ‘em all in. We will be unleashing these to the Black Hills in one hour! Good for that mountain lean-to, Rapid City flophouse, Murdo ranch, Mitchell Corn Palace administrative office wall, Hugh Weber man cave, Jason Alley cabin, spirit quest tee pee and other spirited applications. You need one of these, South Dakota!

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