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November 18, 2012
Thank you, Stockholm!
Posted at 11:51 AM


THAT WAS AWESOME, STOCKHOLM: Fuck yeah, Yay Festival! Thank you to Freddie and Magnus for a fun night! I had a great time delivering my speaking fiasco to that room. The place was packed with wild Swedes! Thank you, everyone. So much. For buying DDC merch, shooting the shit and general hanging out. I am so proud to have been able to tell you my whole story up there. Thank you. I won’t forget that one. EVER!

It was awesome to hang with Jess Gibson there, too. Hey buddy, we should try that in Portland? There’s an idea.

My time in Sweden was too fast. One damn day hanging out in the city, a Swedish brunch, sightseeing for 11 minutes and then set-up and ALL OUT WAR at the Yay Festival. Thank you, Freddie and Magnus and all the SNASK people! We are family now. My heart pumps the same blood yers does. Done.

I’ll be back, Sweden! Next time, for more than 27 hours!

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