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November 16, 2012
Final Day In Ireland
Posted at 09:40 AM


GOODBYE, IRELAND: Heading over to Sweden this afternoon, as I’ve got official business at the Yay Festival there tomorrow! Gonna be telling my long-winded story to a room for of Stockholm’s finest citizens! I won’t be alone. Jessica Hische will be there too, slaying them with her masterful typography. Awesome.

Plus, Jess Gibson will be there with a camera on his shoulder shooting footage for a project I can’t talk about. It’ll be good to hang with Jess “Raw Footage” Gibson. My Portland buddy. The guy who ruined my life with that “Why America’s Fucked” video he made. Fucker.

And Steven McDonald will be there. Another Portland bro. Good! And, Jonas Berglund of Mob Dist! Good shit, all around. I’ve got backup!

Anyhoo, I’m hopping a train in a couple hours here down to Dublin, then a flight to Frankfurt for pretzels, then up to Stockholm late tonight, where I might just “end it all” by jumping into some icy fjord or city canal? I wish Harry was there. I miss Harry Brumer. Damn. Missed him by about a year. He was in Stockholm forever.

All of this Stockholm action is being put on by Snask. Freddie, you little beast, you BETTER NOT BE MESSING WITH ME. I’ll slay you, and all yer little Swedish buddies. Form a line, numb nuts. Which way to the American embassy?

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Safe travels you tall, tall man.

Posted by: Dan Malarkey on 11/16/12 at 8:38 PM
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