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November 14, 2012
Calm After The Storm
Posted at 04:33 PM


MY DUTY HERE IS DONE: I did the Build talk last night, and had a goddamn blast. Thank you to everyone who came out for the deal! Appreciated. Thanks for Leigh for manning the DDC merch table. Thanks to Andy MacMillan and Andy Baio for rolling the dice on bringing Leigh and I coming here. Thank you, Belfast!

Now I go into “lockdown mode” and start chipping away at projects. Got quite a mountain to climb. Just how I like it.

Leigh flew home today. Some hellish concoction of international flights. Like 100 hours straight or something. Thank you for coming all the way out here, you Irish charm nugget.

Getting very excited for Sweden in a couple days. Thinking about Volvos and meatballs and icy temperatures…Yay Festival, our time together is coming up, and soon!

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