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October 02, 2012
Over To Iowa This Morning
Posted at 09:13 AM



HOPPING TWO FLIGHTS TODAY: First one over to Denver. The second flight from Denver to Cedar Rapids. We’ve got official business the next three days in Northeast Iowa! Check this spirited rosters of “Tall Tales From A Large Man” speaking fiascos in The Hawkeye State:

01. DDC vs. University of Iowa! Oct 3, 7pm!

02. DDC vs. AAF Cedar Rapids! Oct 4, 11:30am!

03. DDC vs. AAF Cedar Valley! Oct 4, 7pm!

04. DDC vs. AAF Dubuque! Oct 5, 11:30am!

See you guys later today! Hell yes.

And Lechtenberg, you beast, BE READY for anything, everything and some plain nasty-ass shit. Just as simple as that, buddy. Yer duties REQUIRE you to handle and slay any and all bumps in the road on our Northeast Iowa leg of the DDC 2012 Fall Tour. For this, YOU WILL BE REWARDED.

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