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October 01, 2012
Heading To Iowa Tomorrow
Posted at 10:12 AM


GEARING UP FOR IOWA: We split for Iowa tomorrow morning! I love Iowa. Especially in October. So happy to be spending some ‘Fall’ there. Happy as hell to kick off October this way. We’re in the midst of our sketchy DDC 2012 Fall Tour, and the “Northeast Iowa” leg has four shows in it! Four shows!

Iowa City! Cedar Rapids! Cedar Falls! Dubuque! Here’s the links, you goddamn Iowans:

01. DDC vs. University of Iowa! Oct 3, 7pm!

02. DDC vs. AAF Cedar Rapids! Oct 4, 11:30am!

03. DDC vs. AAF Cedar Valley! Oct 4, 7pm!

04. DDC vs. AAF Dubuque! Oct 5, 11:30am!

Be there! DDC 2012 Fall Tour tour manager Dana Lechtenberg will be coordinating the ENTIRE fiasco. Pressure’s on, bud!

See you tomorrow, Iowa!

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There’s gonna be a poster, right??

Posted by: Hovercraft on 10/01/12 at 8:14 PM
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