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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 22, 2012
Chicago, This Week!
Posted at 09:23 AM


WOKE UP THIS MORNING, WITH THIS ON THE MIND: Chicago, we are coming for you!

We’ve got official business of the highest sort this Thursday in Chicago! Doejo is sticking their neck out and hosting an event at Bowtruss Coffee Roasters, and we’re “the talent.” Risky business, if ever. We’ll be telling our story to the entire Doejo organization, and, brave Chicagoans who popped for a ticket. This is a “one night only” sort of thing, so, shit, be there

Here’s the link: “Tall Tales From a Large Man- Aaron Draplin’s Doejo Speaking Fiasco”

And, of course…Rothschild! Yeah, you! I know you are reading this shit. DO NOT LET THE DDC DOWN!

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