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YESTERDAY WAS INCREDIBLE: Can’t go into full detail, but can tell you this much: Josh Higgins, the design Director of the Obama Administration, gave Leigh and I the FULL tour of the Obama campaign headquarters, just off Michigan Avenue! Incredible.

01. Got to meet the entire design team! Hugging each other and shit! Warriors!
02. We saw David Axelrod drift by us, deep in thought.
03. Saw where all the media stuff is handled, and POTUS scheduling.
04. Saw Josh’s office, overlooking the park.
05. Met the kid who prints out the podium graphics! Yes! Thanked him.

All in all, it was an incredible, moving visit. I got a little choked up talking to the design team, cuz, however you slice it, those folks are responsible for the design of THE CHANCE for A NEW AMERICA. Think about that shit for second. I do, all the time.

I tried to get hired on the spot. “Josh, put me to work? Need something moved? Need some paper shredded? Carry Biden’s bags?”

Thank you, Josh, and keep up the good work. Leigh and I are still high from the visit, and insanely proud of the good work all those people were doing for Mr. Obama, and American, and us, and you. Wow.

I’m voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

- - - -

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