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June 09, 2013
Old Record Company Logos
Posted at 01:09 PM


WHEN RECORD SHOPPING, ALWAYS KEEP THAT LAZY EYE OPEN: Even when I strike and don’t find something to snag, I still look for old logos. And some time ago, I stumbled on to this old Capitol Records logo. So good. The way they used to do it.

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Minimal but beautiful and memorable. These days designs are too much about how much the designer can stretch the technology more than the guy before him. It is more about the going for the ‘wow’ factor. What is most important for a design to last is the emotion it evokes in each individual.
Nice picture which standout against the sober background.

Posted by: Ashley Poorun on 06/11/13 at 3:49 PM

An all-time fave. First saw it on an Anne Murray record my mom had.

Posted by: Allan Lorde on 06/12/13 at 8:00 PM
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