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June 02, 2013
Hot As Fuck In New Hamsphire
Posted at 01:33 PM


GOT THE HELL OUT OF TOWN AS QUICK AS WE COULD: Not that the place wasn’t nice. Nah. Super nice. Evan knows how to pick those painfully cute and quaint joints. Wolfesboro, New Hampshire is a beautiful little town. Smells of Mitt Romney, unfortunately.

I’ll say this much: Lake Winnipesaukee just might be one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve even been on. Just gorgeous.

But man, that heat was something else. 97 and 98 degree and shit. In early June? Excruciating. Sweated in places I didn’t know could sweat. Like, yer earlobes and kneecaps. That’s hot.

Leigh and I woke up in our ice box lake hotel, readied ourselves, hit a Dunkin’ Donuts for round things and hit the road back down to Boston. Flew out around 4pm, happy as hell for our buddies Evan + Maja. A beautiful wedding with lots of beautiful people, and, some a couple ugly fucks. Congrats!

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