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June 24, 2013
Happy Monday Podcastin'!
Posted at 11:44 AM


TECHNICAL GLITCHES ASIDE: First off, thank you to Josh and Sarah for having me on their Happy Monday podcast.

It’s fun being on Podcasts. Meeting new people, random bullshitting, the height of the moment, etc. And hell, I was excited to be on this one, as they’ve had some friends and luminaries on it. I was ready for ‘em! I had my thoughts collected when Josh and Sarah called this weekend to record it. And we open our Quicktimes to record from our respective machines, and get going. I thought the thing was recording, and off we went.

And we had this great chat, covering a mountain of stuff. And 45 minutes later, as we ramp down, Sarah asks me to save my chat. And I go to do that, and wouldn’t you know it. The little “record button” I saw lit up red, well, that didn’t mean “recording.” You have to click it in Quicktime, then, you see a black square button. That means shit’s recording. But that’s not what happened.

Didn’t record shit, and instantly felt flustered, frustrated and embarrassed to have wasted Josh and Sarah’s time, as well as my own. So bummed. So dumb. So much cool shit missed. I don’t even know how to use Quicktime, and their backwards little interface? Shameful. I quickly apologized, we laughed it off and got back to it.

Once I had it figured out, we got going and finally recorded our chat. Such a bummer. So what you are hearing is our second attempt. Hope you guys dig it.

Here it is. If you are feeling wild, give it a listen: “Happy Monday Podcast: 028 Aaron Draplin”

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