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TONIGHT, PORTLAND: 6pm! Here’s the link, you curious Portlanders!

We’re talking about things tonight! A sorta new talk from our tour, revised, beat-down, hocked up, wrastled and spit out into a speaking fiasco we’re calling “Things About Things That Don’t Have A Thing To Do With Things.”

We’ve tested this to SUCCESSFUL results in Toronto and Vancouver, and you know how discerning Canadians can be! The shit worked up there, and it WILL work tonight!

How we’re selling this one: Tired of that same old overly smart, overly coy, overly dramatic conference talk you keep sitting through? Yeah, you know the one. Where some yahoo is up there “connecting the dots” on a bunch of shit that is more or less obvious, or, is painfully parsed together? We get it. But it doesn’t mean it’s fun. So give the DDC a shot? Welcome to our little brand of dumb! Let this talk be a breath of fresh air. Get dirty with the DDC and talk about things that don’t really have much to do with things. Dumb things. Orange things. Wild things. Things that might save yer life. Things that might make you throw out the old things? And maybe not? That just might be the thingā€¦

Be there, fuckers! One night only! Our ONLY gig this summer in Portland!

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