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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 23, 2013
Tonight, Wichita!
Posted at 11:21 AM

Man, I love that logo. Lucky little Wichita’ers!

We made a poster for Kansas! Everything we’ve ever known about the sunflower state!

WICHITA, WE DID IT: So you know how I always say to the designers in the crowd, “Stay the fuck out of Portland?” Well, tonight, I meant it. Wichita has SERIOUS DESIGN TALENT slithering all over town, and man, I was intimidated. Some great, great work going down in that town.

Take Chris Parks, or, Dominic Flask, or Ben Redington? Heavy hitters! great to meet you guys.

Anyhoo, the show was awesome, held in Cowtown in a Wild West saloon venue thing. Complete with wood plank walk ways and old west musk smell. Best venue of the tour!

Thank you so goddamn much to every one who attended the gig, bought a Kansas poster, shot the shit, showed me their incredible work, chowed down and hung heavy. Met so many cool people in Wichita. I didn’t want to leave.

Thank you to AIGA Wichita for such a cool gig. Man, that sound system ROCKED!

Extra special thanks to Dom and Ben for taking me record shopping. Three shops in 90 minutes. Perfect.

Keep up the killer work, Wichita! I’ll be back, I swear!

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Been waiting for you to do a Kansas poster forever. Are you selling them online yet?

Posted by: Greg Franklin on 05/29/13 at 7:09 PM
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