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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 08, 2013
Los Angeles, Release Me
Posted at 05:33 PM

That room was big! They were announcing something big here.

We got to meet House Industries’ Ken Barber!

Making friends with Adobe Illustrator programmers! Yes! The kings!

OUR TIME DOWN HERE HAS COME TO AN END: We’re about to catch a flight back to Portland in a bit here. Our time was good at Adobe MAX. We lurked hard, exploring rooms, chowing, meeting people, seeing stuff, hanging out.

- - - -

Our list from Adobe MAX:

01. Seeing Arlie a couple times. Nice to see you, Guitarzan!
02. Seeing all the cool vintage equipment those Black Keys were playing.
03. Doing my talk to a spirited Adobe MAX crowd.
04. Manning the DDC pop-up store. Literally, it just sorta “popped up.”
05. Seeing all the cool Adobe shit coming in the near future. These guys have got me.
06. Hanging with Annemarie, Terry, Amy and other Adobe-ists.
07. Hanging with James “Signalnoise” White.
08. Learning how to hand-letter under the watchful eye of Ken Barber!
09. Watching Ken deliver the always-awesome message of House Industries!
10. That big bed up in room 1238. Thread count of 800-850 Egyptian.

Thank you, Adobe MAX!

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