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SUN DOES SHINE ON A DOG’S ASS EVERY NOW AND AGAIN: And this weekend, that beagle is one Evan Rose. He finally got Maja to accept his weird, little hand in marriage, and that shit is going to get REAL OFFICIAL in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Now, some time ago we made a rogue edition of Field Notes that Evan insisted on calling “Field Knots.” Ever the copywriter, and not one to fuck with marriage preparations, we let the guy take the reigns and craft a VERY LIMITED edition of “Evan + Maja Bee” announcement books.

They turned out great! They were shipping a couple months back, and then shipped out to the roster of friends and family invited to the event.

Don’t even ask about getting one of these. So limited.

Leigh and I are heading to the woods of New Hampshire late tonight, via a series of painful flights. For Maja, mainly.

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