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TONIGHT, KNOXVILLE: Jess and I got into Knoxville this afternoon, jumped into our hotel room downtown and I downed a small handful of Vitamin C, as my throat was a little froggy and my sinuses all clogged to shit. I get sick once a year, and of course, it hit me a couple days ago.

We met up with AIGA Knoxville’s Cordelia Norris, cruised over to the venue and set up shop. Did a quick roundtable with a bunch of talented, feisty young designers. Sorry for all that rambling, you guys.

Hell yeah, Adam! Thanks for coming all the way down to Knoxville from Nashville, brother! Keep up the good work, and hats off to you for taking such good care of your mom. Inspiring, man.

The show went great. Awesome crowd and great questions at the end of the gig. Thank you, y’all! And special thanks to Cordelia and AIGA Knoxville for taking such incredible care of us.

Alright, on to Lexington, Kentucky! The show must go on!

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