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Draplin Design Co., North America


TONIGHT, CHARLOTTE: We slept in the Appalachian Mountains last night, but for a couple hours. Made our way into Charlotte and to Ally Financial for a afternoon hangout with Giovanni Ulloa and his design team! Spirited group of guys! Shot the shit for a bit, then had an incredible soul food lunch. Sweet tea! So sweet. Nice to meet all you guys!

After the Ally gig, we headed to the hotel to chill for a bit. I had a pile of North Carolina posters to number, and Jess waved the camera in my face a bunch.

We were over to the gig a couple hours later, meeting up with Kimberly and Kevin from AIGA Charlotte, and the meatiest handshake from Josh Oakhurst of Skookum Digital Works! I did a little logo for those guys a couple years back, and it remains one of my all-time faves. So good to meet you.

The merch table was rockin’ tonight! THANK YOU to all the North Carolinians who bought posters and DDC merch. Blown away.

The show had a couple technical difficulties, but we pulled it off in the end. Special thanks to all you guys for helping out. I was so tired from the night before, I totally lost it a couple times. Jet lag, people, and, tricky subject material that always brings out my waterworks! Wow.

Thank you, AIGA Charlotte! How many people were there? 175? 200? The seats were FILLED, and there were another 30 people standing! Thank you for coming out, you guys! so awesome.

Alright, on to Atlanta!!!

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Hey Draplin - thanks for touring the country in efforts to make cash and entertain the masses! It was nice to see you speak in Charlotte, even when you got teary-eyed and also despite the multi-media debacle. At my work we’ve got a new color shade which I’m sure you’ll love - we call it Draplin Purple. ;)

CD @ Logoworks.com

Posted by: Laura Browning on 06/07/13 at 1:57 PM
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