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May 03, 2013
Arkansas Trav'ler
Posted at 09:34 AM

Chris Avantaggion, Ernest Borgnine’s 47th cousin and Sean Wilksenson.

A BIG, OL’ HAIRY RUN-ON SENTENCE FOR MAINE: Man, the Maine gig went incredibly well and it was in this awesome, folky venue with a RIPPING sound system and holy shit, AIGA Maine FILLED the whole room and a couple burly fellas were but a couple feet away from me, eyeballing me the whole show, and thank you to Sean Wilkenson for rolling the dice on me, and thanks to Chris Avantaggio for years and years of DDC internettin’, and thanks to all the Might&Main folks who came, and all the VIA folks who attended, and for the beardy sound guy who rescued my ass minutes before the show, and the lobsters out in the harbor, and Stephen King’s creepy awesomeness, and that big bed at the flophouse I was holed up in, and for Sean taking me to all of Portland’s records stores, and for draggin’ me to that sandwich joint, and thanks to all the good people who bought one of our Maine posters, and, hell, for such a cool gig, night and chance to come to Maine. Thank you. The end of this sentence.

Flying down to Little Rock, Arkansas this afternoon! Fired up! Got some official business at Made By Few tomorrow afternoon! Be there, Arkansas!

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