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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 24, 2013
Today, Rochester!
Posted at 07:42 AM


WE HATE LEAVING CANADA, BUT WE GOTTA GO: On down to Buffalo, and then over to Rochester to R.I.T. to talk tonight! Be there, Rochester! Here’s proof!

- - - -


PLUS, WE’RE UNLEASHING THIS ONE, TONIGHT: A poster about New York state, jampacked with everything we’ve ever loved about New York! Severely limited edition! Get one tonight, R.I.T.! You need this!

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You got an Orange CoUNTry choppers logo up on that bad boy ?

Posted by: erose on 04/24/13 at 9:42 AM

Thank you so much, your talk was really special today. Rochester was super honored to have you

Posted by: Janette on 04/24/13 at 6:12 PM
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