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April 20, 2013
Record Store Day Earlybirds
Posted at 01:04 PM


EARLYBIRD GETS THE SWIRL VINYL: Leigh and I were up at the ASSCRACK of dawn today, to whip down to the record store to get in line with nerds, fidgets, numbnuts, fans, wisecrackers and a couple teenage stoners riffin’ on what “doesn’t suck” and what “does suck.” Science. Record people.

Had a good haul today:

Nick Drake, Mercury Rev, Josh Rouse, Double Dagger, Flaming Lipsables, Willie Nelson, The Cure, Built To Spill, Low & Dirty Three, Oval, The Band, De La Soul, Brian Eno, Bowie, Elliot Smith, Ty Seagall, Superchunk, Zappa, Hold Steady and a big stash of other shit I can’t remember right now.

A big haul, and another shot of cash into the veins of the record industry. I like doing my part.

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