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PACKED IN LIKE A SARDINE: I’m sitting in the center of a Korean delegate of travelers, and everyone’s having a hell of a time, going apeshit, passing little bags of Korean snacks around and over me. I’m just smiling at everyone, with a big ol’ toothy grin. Let’s be friends, travelers!

Flying into Buffalo shortly, here. Excited to try my luck at that Canadian border!

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Attended your talk at FITC. Good presentation. I enjoyed it and it wasn’t what I expected.

Posted by: Simon on 04/23/13 at 4:39 PM

Hi Aaron, Awesome talk in TO. Made a video with Toby Fitch, RIT design student. He liked you too! HOpe you get to see this video before Rochester talk. http://bit.ly/11Byk58

Posted by: Andria Lynett on 04/24/13 at 4:34 AM

ROCHESTER !!!! You gotta hit legendary record shop The House og Guitars and then have a Garbage Plate !!!!

Posted by: Bill on 04/24/13 at 4:51 AM
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