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We were SWARMED by R€I€T kids, hungry for merch!


ROCHESTER, THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST: You should have seen the auditorium we were in! Incredible. Great sound, screen and, a spirited, wild crowd. And, our new buddy Toby Fitch came, and we signed his named to him, and said thank you. A cool, cool moment.

Thank you to Adam Smith and Vickie for putting together such a cool show. And, to each kid who came up to the merch table afterwards, bought some stuff, shot the shit, shared some stories. Just incredible.

And of course, each gig has a couple heroes! As the screen lifted, the merch table was behind it, ALL SET UP. So hero number one would be Buffalo’s Jonathan Hughes for SAVING MY BUTT and setting up the merch. Wow, man. Thanks. And hero number two would be Erich S. Lehman, for jumping in to wrangle merch sales, like a CHAMPION. Thank you, fellas. Holy shit, that was awesome.

I mean, come on? To go and speak, hang out, meet people, have some laffs, show some work, tell some tall tales? This stuff is incredible, and I am INSANELY THANKFUL for each person who shows up and each place I get to tell my story. Thank you, big world.

We’ll go ANYWHERE. Try us. We’ve got a track record that says just that.

- - - -

Thank you, Rochester. Now we gotta drive over to Buffalo, hop a flight down to Atlanta, and then to Columbia , South Carolina! We’ve got a gig with Converge SE tomorrow, and we are fired up to see our buddies Gene, Giovanni, Signalnoise, Mig Reyes and Josh Higgggggggins! Done. Bye!

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