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April 12, 2013
Arlie Day In L.A.
Posted at 11:24 AM


HIGHLAND PARK, AND A COUPLE OTHER NEIGHBORHOODS: Had a chill day with Arlie today, ripping around his neck of the woods in Los Angeles. Patient, he’d drag me to a record store, I’d dig, and he’d sit waiting for me. That’s nice of you, buster.

L.A. is big. Lots of places to go. Highland Park is a cool spot behind a mountain, with some good spots to eat. Now that those Avenues are gone, shit’s really thriving. Arlie’s got a cool pad at the end of a cool street, with mountain views and a couple of dogs to hang with. Happy for you, bud.

We hit some record stores, a couple guitar shops, had a sandwich and he loaded me into a cab, which drove like a CALIFORNIA MOTHERFUCKER all the way to LAX. Wow. Big town. Big roads.

Flew home, packed in like a sardine, while some lady eyeballed the crap I was working on, on the laptop. Travel fun.

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