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March 04, 2013
Falling Cars And Junkyard Dogs
Posted at 07:26 AM


BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE FOR SOME TIME: Jay Farrar released a little book of memoirs called Falling Cars And Junkyard Dogs. I pre-ordered a copy some time ago and it finally showed up this weekend.

I tore into it, and of course, already finished it. Went a little too quick. Savored each word from the guy.

I’ve always been a Jay Farrar fan. The guy is a bit of an enigma to me. Quiet, shy, reserved and more or less somewhat painful to watch on stage. And on some weird level, that’s what I love about the guy. He doesn’t give it all up. There’s some mystery to what he does. Less is more, and Farrar’s spare ways master that on the stage, in the music, and now in this book. Good words.

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