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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 25, 2013
Wrapping Up The Unwrapped
Posted at 06:01 PM

Leigh McKolay photo.

WE’RE IN THE SHOP: And we’re getting shit done. First, we updated our “Gigs” page with our “Winter Into Spring Almost Summer” tour dates! Check out that roster!

Then, we went in a time machine back to the start of the year to update this goddamn site.
And then we filled out paper work.
And then we tuned up some vectors for a new logo gig.
And then we sent some invoices.
And then we ate a sandwich.
And then Leigh shipped a MOUNTAIN of merch.
And then we broke ground on new state posters.
And then we prepped our new DDC action caps for unleashing.
And then we answered some emails.
And then we sent a survival kits out to friends.
And then a mountain of Field Notes gear showed up. Wow!
And then ordered up some paper for an upcoming job.

A busy day. Doing whatever it takes to keep shit under wraps.

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