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SETTLE DOWN, BEACH BREATH: We’re kicking off the summer months of June, July and August with one hell of a link. Here goes, crableg.

Finally, a buddy sends in a Daywrecker, and it’s one of those links that lays waste to my whole day and, hell, week. And, I damn well know some snarky, little mouthbreather will be rolling their eyes with that, “Dude, that is SO last week…” kind of lament. Well, settle the fuck down. I work. I travel. I make a lot of stuff. And if you had the time to see all the hot shit links, maybe you ought to get a little busier, ya little peckerwood? There you go.

Anyhoo, SoCal’s Cory Lorenzen sent in an incredible link a week back, and like the dumb ass I am, I sat on it, too busy to broadcast it to the world.

Here it is: “C116’s Sailboat Logo Archive.”

Get in there and get wet. If there was ever a time for yet another stupid “Yacht Rock” joke or mention, get yer jabs in now. Yawn.

I don’t know shit about sailing. Seems a little bourgeois to me. My dad however, he had a blow-up raft he called the “SS Kowalski” that he’d anchor and float in. Had a little floating cooler too, for his beers. Intermediate Lake. So, hell, that’s a little seafaring for ya.

Thanks, Cory. Appreciated. A treasure trove of beautiful barnacles from the high and low seas!

- - - -

TONIGHT, PORTLAND: A pinewood derby. Over at NemoDesign! Fun. It’s called the PDX Pinewood Derby. We’ll be there with our car, testing our mettle on the track. Be there, you scrubs!

- - - -

THAT KENTUCKY POSTER IS NOW SHIPPING: We’re calling it “Kentucky Kollected.” Get one. A tribute to sonofabitch Dale and all his wild kin in and around Olive Hill.

- - - -


01. All Tiny Creatures - Harbors
02. Rig Rock Deluxe - Various Long Haulers, 1995
03. Witch - Paralyzed
04. Will Oldham & Rian Murphy - All Most Heaven

There Are 3 Comments

I used to sail El Toros. Their logo looks like a wang.

Shrimper definitely has one of the coolest ones.

Posted by: Thomas J. Brown on 06/01/12 at 10:04 AM

That is the best damn intro paragraph I have read in long time. “snarky little mouthbreather”. Thank you for that, my vocabulary thanks you as well.

Hope Spokane treated you well!

Posted by: Todd Zyph on 06/01/12 at 11:23 AM

we’re starting a band.

Posted by: aaron w. on 06/06/12 at 7:17 AM
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