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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 22, 2012
For Pete
Posted at 07:27 PM


FROM BOSTON, OF ALL PLACES: The little cap you are seeing above was handed to me after my speaking fiasco in Somerville, earlier this summer. Just a bit north of Boston proper. A lady handed it to me as we were “loading out” after the show, pushed out of our rented library room by a class called “Scrapbooking For Serious People” or something. Anyhoo, the woman handed it to me and said something along the lines of, “This is from my dad’s business and I wanted you to have it.”

I assume he was Pete from Pete’s Auto Life? Maybe not? Hope so. For now, that’s the story we are sticking with.

I’ve been looking at that little cap all summer long. It’s been on my desk just staring me down. So good. I love the type and wear/tear on it.

This is what simple, innocent promo stuff used to look like. Eons before garbage USB dongles, stress balls and garish highlighter/stickie note/frankenstein pens. A reminder of simpler times.

Thank you for handing this to me. So appreciated.

This one’s for Pete!

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Hey, thanks!

Posted by: Pete Baker on 08/23/12 at 8:29 PM
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