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Draplin Design Co., North America


TODAY WAS ONE OF THOSE DAYS: The good kind, where, shit’s moving so quick, and there’s so many calls, and so many emails, and so many notes, and holy shit, you stand back and go: I love all of this. Even the weird shit.

One of those days.

Cuz man, I’ve got a couple logos in the works, a Coal spring catalog brewing, a Union website starting up, Coal ads, Union ads, Field Notes stuff, a record made for some friends, t-shirt designs, DDC merch reorders, posters being printed, DDC merch being shipped, guitars tuned, pedals hopped, lunch destroyed, old memo books clipped and a couple projects we can’t really talk about just yet. When we can, we will, we assure you of that. We like to talk. You know this.

So much on the plate, and we love it all. Thank you, you big goddamn world.

We’re heading to Kentucky in a couple days for this one, Louisville: “Tall Tales From A Large Man” with the Draplin Design Co.

Be there, Louisvillians!

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